Best Quality Preschool Curriculum

Nurturing Happy Learners!

Red SchoolHouse caters both, to the heart and the mind of the child, to create happy learners for life!

Multi-award winner, Red SchoolHouse is also a 7th-time winner of the Parents World: Best of the Best Preschool Award, a testimony of it being a top choice for discerning parents in Singapore for high-quality pre-school education. Established in 2004, RSH has been providing a caring and nurturing environment to hundreds of preschoolers, in an affordable set up.

RSH operates on the principles embodied by the acronym: SPICE that stands for Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creativity and Emotional (development of the child). The preschool’s well-balanced curriculum is drawn up by their in-house curriculum experts. The school’s pedagogy supports age-appropriate programmes that can lead to an overall development of the child, with the focal areas being the ones denoted by SPICE.

Acknowledging that every child deserves the opportunity to grow to his/ her full potential, the preschool provides myriad of hands-on learning experiences. The professional and experienced team at Red SchoolHouse ensures that children are offered a positive and fun learning atmosphere at school. The children are also exposed to a wide array of outdoor and enrichment activities such as Ballet, Hip-Hop, Piano and Sports.

This holistic approach by the qualified educators at Red SchoolHouse render a high-quality, and highly sought-after preschool education programme.

Not only academic excellence, Red SchoolHouse puts great emphasis on character development and soft skill development with children learning important values such as empathy, resilience, independence, self-confidence, caring and sharing. This focus is enshrined in the preschool’s philosophy: “Settling the heart, defining your child.” When children feel nurtured, loved and cherished, they blossom to their full potential and not only become confident learners but they also become successful learners for life!

RSH forges an important partnership with parents so that the school and parents can work together to create loyal and confident learners. With a small teacher-student ratio, children are able to receive personalized attention so that their growth can be monitored, their strengths can be identified and their weaknesses can be improved on.

Parents of Red SchoolHouse children are deeply appreciative of the school’s exemplary culture and how the preschool has instilled positive values in their children, nurturing little human beings with great character and well-being. The parents also laud the caring and passionate teachers who always put the child’s needs first and are receptive to parents feedback. At Red SchoolHouse, the children love what they learn and learn what they love!

Branch Locations:

RSH @ Upper Thomson
34 Sin Ming Lane Midview City Singapore 573955
T: 6353 3200

RSH @ Toh Tuck
19 Toh Tuck Drive Singapore 596883
T: 6463 9240

RSH @ Woodlands
11 Woodlands Close Woodlands 11
#01-29/30/31 Singapore 737853
T: 6334 7680

RSH @ Woodleigh
48 Woodleigh Park PUB Recreation Centre
Singapore 357844
M: 8808 8048