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My Little Kingdom, 4th time winner of the Parents World: Best of the Best Preschool Awards, believes in enriching the preschool journey for every child under its care. The preschool’s holistic approach emphasises on the need to maximize a child’s growth potential, thus supporting their all-round development. MLK believes in the unique talent of each and every child. Thus, every effort is made to promote the child’s unique intelligence by offering a myriad of enriching and engaging experiences.

The preschool abides by the all-encompassing principles of Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple-Intelligence. It’s teaching pedagogy supports a broad range of intelligences include visual-spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, bodily-kinaesthetic and naturalistic besides the conventional verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. By allowing the children to excel in their own unique way, their confidence is created and nurtured. Besides the multi-intelligence curriculum that allows inter-connected learning opportunities, another hallmark of My Little Kingdom’s preschool framework is their emphasis on bilingual immersion that promotes fluency in both English and Mandarin. MLK’s well-thought-out lessons are divided into age-wise programmes: toddler, playgroup, nursery and kindergarten. While toddler and playgroup programs cater to tiny tots and work on creating a safe and reassuring home away from home; the higher levels work on building fundamental concepts that can help the children transition seamlessly to primary school.

The children are engaged through multi-sensory activities so that they develop necessary motor and social skills. Peer collaboration and team-building efforts are encouraged through daily interactive experiences in the classroom and beyond.

The preschool’s motto, “Do what is right and not what is easy,” portrays the school’s emphasis on character development. Helping others, respecting others, being friendly, kind and caring to others are the hallmarks of positive personal relationships and social interactions. The attitude of “I can” runs deep in the teaching staff and students of MLK creating confidence in pursuing learning goals and reaching milestones. MLK’s holistic approach ensures that children develop necessary strengths in character, imbibe important values and develop necessary life skills.

Under the able guidance of Principal, Ms. Yvonne Yeo, MLK prepares the children for success in life rather than only academic success. These efforts are appreciated by grateful parents who are elated to see their children blossom in school and become better human beings. In their testimonials, the parents have also expressed their appreciation for the timely and comprehensive feedback they receive from the teachers at MLK, that helps them partner in their child’s learning journey effectively.

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