EverDesk+ : Create an Ideal Workspace at Home!

EverDesk+: One Dream Desk, For All Your WFH Needs

The creators of ErgoTune have recently launched EverDesk+ , a sleek, ergonomic, highly customisable and affordable standing desk. EverDesk+ was crafted with the intention to create the perfect home workspace! EverDesk+ also seeks to promote a healthier way of working and eliminate common postural aches and pains associated with poorly-organized workspaces.

With minimal clutter, maximised space functions and health-conscious, ergonomic features, EverDesk+ creates the Dream Desk for continued Work from Home.

Features that make EverDesk+ a Dream Desk for WFH :
  • An inbuilt Health Coach function that serves as a personalised standing reminder system. The smart Health Coach emits a gentle vibration to remind users to sit and stand at preferred intervals and can be set at 15, 30 and 60 minute intervals.
  • Boasts of UniGroove™, a smart solution for managing cable clutter. Helps eliminates clutter through integrated cable management with an intelligent cable stopper and a cable management tray, located underneath the desk.
  • Ergonomic features such as customized height-adjustment. EverDesk+ adjusts itself to each user’s preferred height at a light rotation of the desk control. The desk control’s memory function also remembers up to 3 desk heights for each user, so they can customise the height that is just right for them every time.
  • Maximises space through an ecosystem of compatible accessories, creating space at one place for all that you need and what you love!
  • Enhances Safety- EverDesk+ which is able to hold a weight capacity of 120kg, comes with a child lock function, preventing sudden movements and accidents.
  • Maintains Durability -EverDesk+ come with an industry-beating 10-year warranty to give customers not only their dream desk, but also a peace of mind.
EverDesk+: Create Healthier Relationship with Your Workspace

Keeping the users and their needs at the forefront of the design process, the EverDesk+ team has crafted a dream work desk that fits any user’s personal desk habits, workflow, and space requirements.

With hybrid work being the new normal, people are demanding better workspaces at home,” says Damon Lye, Co-founder of EverDesk+. “We extensively studied what people want from their home workspaces, and arrived at 3 core needs — a healthier relationship with their desks, less clutter, and more space. EverDesk+ is our answer to these needs. We believe we have created a desk that makes working from home actually enjoyable, and that makes people actually excited about going to their desks.”

The EverDesk+ ($599-$749) comes in a variety of colours and finishes, and will be available from 7 June 2021 on https://everdeskplus.com/. For more information, please visit https://everdeskplus.com/.