Best Quality Bilingual Infant care and Preschool

“Totfully” structured for your tiny tot!

Tots & Teddies, an excellent choice of infant care and preschool
for discerning parents in the heart of the city!

Tots & Teddies is not your run-of-the mill preschool. It is an award-winning infant care and preschool conveniently located in the bustling CBD district, right in the heart of the city with its own in-house chefs. The preschool’s excellent location is one of its major attractions as working parents can drop by to say hello anytime of the day! In fact, it is just one of the many ways in which the friendly preschool welcomes and partners with the parents, including but not limited to, sharing daily school updates with photos through a dedicated mobile app.

The warmth of the school extends to its staff and the teaching environment starting with the unparalleled teacher-child ratio. While the local guideline is 1:8 for Playgroup and 1:30 for Kindergarten 2, at Tots & Teddies the ratio is set at 1:5 from Playgroup all the way up to Kindergarten 2. For infants, while the local guideline is 1:5, the preschool’s ratio is a cosy 1:3. Learning in small groups promotes quality sharing and motivates even the most reticent child to participate and interact with confidence. Teachers at Tots & Teddies assume the role of facilitators with reciprocal interactions rather than pure teacher-guided activities.

 The preschool focuses on 6 learning domains aimed at the all-round development of the child. The school is immersive bilingual so lessons are conducted both in English and in Mandarin. Children are encouraged to use the languages beyond the classroom such as in social interaction with teachers and peers, leading to a bilingual fluency. Lessons are reinforced through hands-on learning and field trips. The children are also exposed to an exciting line-up of enrichment lessons, for example: Chinese Wushu, Music classes, STEAM activities and bilingual speech & drama. As part of a truly holistic learning environment, both the school excursions and enrichment lessons are offered as an all-inclusive, intrinsic part of the school curricula.

Tots & Teddies’ Early Years Programme provides a purposeful learning environment. The preschool leverages resources and materials using the “FAST” guideline: Functional, Aesthetics, Safe and (what are the) Teaching Opportunities and implements a dynamic time-table to enhance the learning environment. Tots & Teddies gives utmost importance to the health and safety of the children with seamless learning spaces that are designed for safe exploration by curious minds and playful busy-bodies. The school also maintains the highest hygiene standards with its entire premises being equipped with ozone-free IQAir HEPA Air Filters from Switzerland, certified to filter out ultrafine particles down to 0.03microns.

Acknowledging that a well-nourished child is a happy child, the preschool ensures that the children receive healthy, well balanced, sumptuous meals every day made in-house by their professional chefs with a menu approved by a pediatric nutritionist. Only premium ingredients such as antibiotic[1]free & hormone-free barramundi, sashimi-grade Salmon, free-range eggs and poulet are used to prepare the nourishing meals. Some of the exclusive dishes include the Homemade Broccoli Burger Bun with Tamago Sando, Moroccan Chicken Stew with Corn Pilaf Rice and the delectable Chocolate Quinoa Cake made with 90% cocoa. Even the pasta and soya bean milk are made in-house.

The ethos of the school lies in providing a high quality holistic infant care and preschool to children from the age of two months up to seven years. It is an ideal choice for parents who are looking for a nurturing school environment equipped with a comprehensive bilingual curriculum that prepares children for a seamless integration to Primary 1. Tots & Teddies is planning an expansion in the CBD in the coming months. Call or email them to book your personal tour.

Contact Details:
62 Cecil Street, #04-00 TPI Building, Singapore 049710

Tel: 6816 0001