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“Transform your child’s life with one of Singapore’s most trusted brands
in education – Lorna Whiston Preschool”

Lorna Whiston Preschools have etched an indelible impression on Singapore’s pre-school education scene with over 4 decades of teaching excellence and high-quality education. With an all-in-one integrated curriculum such as the Bilingual Immersion Programme, Individualised Reading Programme together with an array of signature enrichment Masterclasses, a bevy of passionate and dedicated teachers backed by years of extensive teaching experience; Lorna Whiston is one of the most respected and trusted brand names in the industry.

One of the hallmarks of the Lorna Whiston Preschool is their fully-immersive bilingual programme. A bilingual programme is considered most effective when the child is effortlessly able to switch between the two languages. At Lorna Whiston Preschool, an English language teacher and a Chinese language teacher are present in each classroom to guide the children in both the languages. Through engaging classroom interactions and discussions, vocabulary-building activities, engaging songs and rhymes, teachers support the students’ verbal fluency in both the languages. Children then learn to apply these linguistic skills in their everyday interactions both within and outside the classroom, developing a sense of belonging and a life-long love for the languages, to prepare them for the ever-changing world.

Another uniqueness is that Lorna Whiston Preschool has an Individualised Reading Programme that has been developed and customized over the past years to ensure that each child’s reading skills are monitored, mentored and strengthened to the best of their abilities. With a dedicated 1 on 1 approach, the teachers keep a close eye on the unique aptitude and learning needs of the children so they are absolutely ready for the academic rigor of the primary schools.

 Additionally, Lorna Whiston Preschool supports a fully integrated curriculum. On top of their core English and Mandarin lessons, Lorna Whiston Preschool has a suite of Master Classes to develop the child holistically.

This ranges from Art, English Speech & Drama, Chinese Art & Culture & Phonics. These stimulating, multi-disciplinary activities are offered to children to enrich their learning experiences and equip them with creativity, confidence, communication and other soft skills. Lorna Whiston’s English Enrichment programmes are approved by and aligned with the MOE curriculum.

A dedicated approach is one of the ethos of the Lorna Whiston Preschools. Classes are kept small to ensure that each child gets equal attention. For playgroup while the teacher-student ratio is 1:6, for Kindergarten it is 1:11. Lorna Whiston Preschool takes prides in its teachers – dedicated and passionate educators who take personal interest in the progress of the children. In the same vein, the school also invests extensively in the professional development of the teachers.

Lorna Whiston Preschool is not only an awarded and accredited school but also a safe haven for little children with its safe, positive and nurturing environment. The preschool’s aim is to promote the holistic growth of each child with hands-on learning opportunities that allow them to forge connections between classroom concepts and the outside world. With great and extensive play spaces for children to explore, the school constantly engages with and guides parents to work together for the benefit of the child. No wonder that Lorna Whiston Preschool has been the school of choice for over 70000 children, till date and counting. To read what parents think about the preschool par excellence, visit Best preschool in Singapore I Lorna Whiston.

Lorna Whiston Preschools are conveniently located in both the East and West coast of Singapore, at Kallang Wave and Winchester respectively. Interested to enquire? Book a tour now. The friendly Admissions team will be happy to help!