Best enrichment & learning schools 2020/21

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Explore new learning opportunities for your child! Take your pick from the following best enrichment schools in Singapore:

The Music Scientist

What It Offers: Unique Combination of Music and Science Enrichment Classes

The Music Scientist’s unique curriculum combines the magic of music with knowledge of science concepts so your child can learn science- musically at its innovative enrichment classes. The lessons are based on the fundamentals of “Music and Movement”, and work on improving the child’s linguistic and auditory skills as well as his social and emotional development. Thematic concepts are delivered in a fun and engaging manner via animated songs,music and dance, percussion and instrument play, drama and interactive story time.Music Scientist’s age-appropriate programmes focus on multi-sensory simulation whilepromoting an exploratory interest in science and a love for music. The creative thematic activities build musicianship and strengthen motor skills and self- expression.

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Autism Recovery Network

What it Offers: Effective Early Intervention (ABA Therapy)

Autism Recovery Network has an enviable track record of helping thousands of children with autism spectrum disorder integrate into mainstream schooling. ARN boasts of the highest rate of recovery and mainstreaming in Asia which can be attributed to its in-depth understanding of early intervention needs in children complemented by highly skilled and dedicated staff members. Autism Recovery Network makes use of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy- the most researched and scientifically proven autism treatment available. ARN’s programmes such asthe 1-to-1 Therapy, an intensive ABA-VB programme and School-Time, a therapeutic school preparatory program, are designed to help special needs children transition effectively to mainstream schooling and adapt to the new environment quickly.

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What it Offers: Uniquely Fun & Immersive Chinese Enrichment Lessons

EduGrove is a one-stop learning centre for Mandarin for all ages and needs. Its unique approach in imparting Mandarin lessons makes it a popular choice for parents and children alike, also making it the 6th time winner of the Parents World, Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Award for Chinese Enrichment. Lessons at EduGrove cut through the tedium of learning Mandarin and replace it with the joy of learning the language! Led by highly qualified and dedicated teachers, EduGrove makes learning Mandarin fun and engaging for children allowing effective long-term immersion of the language. The “EduGrove way” helps the students become confident users of Mandarin and also helps in improving their grades.

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What it Offers: Heuristic Learning Through Creative Art

At MuzArt, art is not just an enrichment lesson, rather it is integral to the holistic development of a child. To that end, MuzArt has designed an intuitive “Heuristic Creative Art Curriculum” that promotes self-directed heuristic learning in children.Their one-of-a-kind teaching methodology also ensures that art is pursued in tandem with character development and necessary skills that can empower children to meet challenges in the future. Through activities that complement the art lessons, MuzArt offers students a joyful and an immersive learning experience in art.MuzArt has been redefining learning of art throughout Asia and motivating thousands of children of all ages to unleash their creativity and imagination at their enrichment centres.

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What it Offers: Quality Pre-school Online Enrichment Classes

The Singapore-based education group, Ednovation has added EdLab – an innovative online enrichment school for pre-schoolers – to its umbrella of awarded brand names in preschool education. EdLab is bridging the gap in learning created by the pandemic by offering high-quality online enrichment classes that can be conducted in the comfort of students’ homes. Online classes offer greater transparency as parents are able to observe and follow the child’s progress on a real-time basis and are safe and time efficient. EdLab currently offers three enrichment programmes designed by Ednovation’s pre-school education curriculum specialists to its pre-schoolers, namely: Chinese, Coding and Robotics and STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths).

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What it Offers: Student Care with Holistic Development

Established in 2006, NASCANS is well known for its holistic student care programmes that set it apart from other student care centres in Singapore. With 23 school-based student care centres and 5 community-based centres located conveniently across the island, NASCANS is a market leader for high-quality student care in Singapore. NASCANS student care centres are highly recommended for their holistic curriculum, intuitive teaching pedagogies, excellent student care, high safety and hygiene standards and effective communication. NASCANS provides a safe and rejuvenating oasis for children after a long day at school and before they head home.

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The Physics Café

What it offers: Specialized Tuition Classes in O-Level and A-Level H2 Physics, Math and Chemistry

PMC Education Group, set up in 2009 specialises in IP and JC Physics, Math and Chemistry. It has the largest intake of Physics IP and JC students in Singapore with enviable results that surpass the national average, year after year. PMC prides itself on a unique teaching pedagogy that is followed across all its 4 centres uniformly. Students are supported by best-in-the-industry resources and a digital lesson library that enables them to access pre-recorded lessons at home. PMC Gold Class, a private 1-1, customized class is also available for students who are keen. At, The Physics Café, difficult concepts are simplified so students can master the subject easily and success naturally follows their efforts!

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Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy – SchoolAfterSchool

What it offers: After-school care with a strong Chinese language foundation.

午后学堂 SchoolAfterSchool (SAS) is a safe haven for children after school hours and before they head home. SAS ensures that children are well looked after and receive opportunities to explore, grow and learn beyond their school. Here, the children are offered a holistic learning environment with character development being an integral part of it. SAS provides a robust bilingual environment to the children, laying special emphasis on Chinese culture and values. With daily homework supervision and spellings revision, the children are well prepared for school. The after-school care also offers excellent facilities including designated learning spaces, indoor and outdoor play areas, cafeteria and garden to support the children’s learning journey.

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