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Let your child learn science – musically at The
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Our brain is naturally attuned to pay attention to what we find interesting or attractive and what we pay attention to is what we retain in our memory. An example is how we can remember nursery rhymes decades later but we can’t remember how we spent a day in the recent past. However, nursery rhymes are seldom used to transmit knowledge-based concepts, for which we sadly fall back on rote learning. The Music Scientist’s unique curriculum combines the magic of music with knowledge of science concepts to create a unique musical chemistry in the brain.

The holistic teaching pedagogy followed by the enrichment school works on stimulating both the left and the right parts of the brain. Music, here, is not only as a means to engage the children but to also make them receptive to the concepts being introduced. The lessons are based on the fundamentals of “Music and Movement”, and work on improving the child’s linguistic and auditory skills as well as his social and emotional development. With creative lyrics and catchy tunes, The Music Scientist’s in-house songs teach concepts to the children in a fun and easy manner. Children absorb the thematic concepts ranging from Insects to The Solar System effortlessly by singing along to the peppy animated songs.

The Music Scientist offers different programmes that cater to different age groups. The Tenderfeet programme is meant for babies and toddlers and is categorized into age groups of 8 to 18 months, 18 to 26 months and 26 to 36 months. The programme focuses on multi-sensory simulation which promotes cognitive abilities and boosts brain development. By offering curated and varied learning experiences, new neural pathways are created which form the basis of future learning. The lessons also promote precious parent-child bonding.

The Groovers Programme (Nursery) is designed to arouse both an exploratory interest in science and a love for music in the 3- to 4-year-olds. The creative thematic activities such as in-house songs, music and dance, percussion and instrument play, drama, interactive story time and science exploration are designed to pique the children’s innate curiosity and promote creativity, by multi-sensory stimulation. These activities build musicianship and strengthen motor skills and selfexpression.

The Scouts & Virtuosos Programme (Kindergarten and Lower Primary) for 5- to 7-year-olds integrates science with music, with topics based both – on the MOE Science Syllabus for Lower Primary School and outside of it. Instead of teaching science concepts in a dry, mundane manner, they are presented to the children in a fun, engaging and interactive manner. The hands-on and multi-sensory approach to learning science hones the child’s inquisitive and exploratory nature and creates a
life-long love for learning.

With only 8 students per class, children get personalized attention and their progress can be closely followed. Parents love the insightful and engaging classes conducted by the passionate teachers at The Music Scientist. Testimonials abound from happy parents as they watch their children assimilate language skills and science concepts besides, of course, rhythm and beat. Get in touch with The Music Scientist today to watch your little Einstein-in-the-making turn music aficionado for life as well.

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