PEM Confinement Nanny Agency 

What it Offers: Finest Confinement Nannies in Singapore

PEM Confinement Nanny is Singapore’s leading and largest confinement nanny agency comprising of a team of over 400 professionally-trained and skilled nannies. PEM Confinement has been the agency of choice for over 15000 customers and counting over the past 30+years in Singapore. PEM Confinement nannies are trained to provide the finest and the very best in postpartum care to the mother and her new-born. The nannies are trained in basic TCM and lactation knowledge. They are also excellent cooks and prepare nutritious confinement food for the mother while expertly guiding them in breastfeeding. Through friendly advice and tips, PEM confinement nannies ensure that the parents are better prepared and more confident for their parenting journey.


ReLacto (by Tian Wei)

What it Offers: Nutritious and Lactation-boosting Meals for Breastfeeding Mums

ReLacto by Tian Wei supports a mother’s breastfeeding journey beyond the confinement period by delivering specially curated nourishing meals right at the mother’s door-step.  With over 100 nutritious dishes on their well-planned lactation menu, ReLacto saves new mothers the hassle of looking for healthy ingredients and preparing meals, so they could instead focus on recuperating and bonding with their little ones. ReLacto’s meals are powered by lactation boosting ingredients that help the mums produce milk in adequate quantity to support the needs of their growing baby. ReLacto’s curated menu offers the best of traditional Chinese and flavourful fusion cuisines while supporting the mother’s postpartum recovery and healing process.


TianWei Signature

What it Offers: Delectable Fusion Confinement Food

Tian Wei Signature has been delivering nutritious, balanced confinement meals to new mums in Singapore for years, right at their doorstep. Tian Wei Signature believes that not only do new mothers need nourishing meals to heal and bounce back to their pre-pregnancy self; they also deserve good-tasting, appetizing food in their confinement period. This is the reason why their specially curated menu boasts of a choice of 16 staples, 49 meat dishes and 43 vegetable dishes, 17 desserts and an invigorating herbal soup to nourish the mum and promote lactation. With such a vast array of options, mums can enjoy delectable, flavourful dishes with minimal repetition during their confinement period.


Postnatal Massage Singapore

What it Offers: Healing Postnatal Massage Service in Singapore

Postnatal Massage Singapore [PNSG] is a leading provider of premium home-based postnatal massage services in Singapore. PNSG’s premium massage services provide authentic Javanese postnatal therapy by certified and well-trained therapists. With over 70 WSQ-certified and skilled massage therapists, PNSG offers the care and comfort that recuperating mums need and deserve! The services come with various freebies and rejuvenating oils and herbs. Only the best and most genuine products that carry the assurance of safety are used by therapists for massages. PNSG’s curated post-natal massages offer special womb massage and special lactation massages to the new mums. PNSG’s targeted massages also help the postpartum mums return to their pre-pregnancy self, faster.


Thomson Medical Centre

What it Offers: Quality Maternity Healthcare Services

Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) has been a forerunner of quality maternity care services in Singapore with over four decades of services dedicated towards ensuring a better childbirth experience for mothers. Instead of having a one-size fits all approach, TMC believes in offering a plethora of personalized choices to all mums. Besides supporting conventional birthing methods such as Vaginal delivery, C-section and Vaginal Birth after Caesarean, they also support alternative birthing methods such as Water Birth. Mums are also free to choose their preferred pain management technique in consultation with their doctor. TMC also partners parents throughout their entire pregnancy and parenting journey with various schemes and incentives such as the First Born and Subsequent Born Incentive.


Confinement Food

What It Offers: Nourishing Confinement Food Delivered at Home

Thomson Medical is the first and only private hospital in Singapore that has been offering home delivery of confinement food, since 2013. Thomson Confinement Food menu has been curated keeping in mind special requirements of new mums. The menu has been thoughtfully planned by Thomson’s in-house team of experienced TCM Physicians, Lactation Consultants and Nutritionists. Thomson Confinement Food package covers the crucial 28 days of confinement post childbirth, and offers both lunch and dinner so the mum’s daily nutritional needs are taken care of. Mums can choose from 2 distinct and well-planned food menus – the Traditional Chinese Confinement Menu and Resepi Ibunda – Confinement Menu for Muslim Mums. Both the menus are packed with nourishing foods to aid the recovery and recuperation of a postnatal mum.


Baobab Skincare Series

What It Offers: Natural Skincare Products for Pregnancy

A woman’s skin is sensitive and prone to flare-ups during pregnancy, making her wary of new skin care products that maybe laced with harsh chemicals. Baobab Skincare products understand a pregnant mother’s changing skin care requirements. Their products are 100% natural and free from any harmful chemicalsthus they are gentle, safe and effective for use by pregnant women.Baobab skincare products are sourced from the Baobab Tree, aptly known as the African Tree of Life. The products regulate the skin’s PH value andlend youthfulness and longevity to it.Baobab Skincare products are good for all skin types be it oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin.


Manulife ReadyMummy

What It Offers: Maternity Insurance Plan for Mother and Child

Manulife supports new parents in their parenthood journey with Manulife ReadyMummy, amaternity insurance plan for mother and child.Manulife ReadyMummy is a 3-year policy that covers the expectant mum from as early as 13th week of pregnancy and the child right from birth till the end of the policy period. The policy covers 14 pregnancy complications for the mother and 24 congenital illnesses for the child at 100% of sum insured.Manulife ReadyMummy is the first in Singapore to also offer a mental wellness coverageto the mother during pregnancy and post childbirth.The policy is offered both to women who have conceived through natural means and through assisted procedures.


Star Confinement Nanny

What It Offers: Best Specialized Services for Confinement Nannies

STAR Confinement Nanny is an award – winning agency providing nanny services in Singapore since 2013. It has an unmatched portfolio of highly skilled nannies, chosen with utmost care to provide high-quality care to the mother and the new-born. The excellent team of trained STAR nannies come with a specialized experience of 5 to 10 years in postnatal and baby care, adept both in traditional and modern confinement practices.Besides taking care of all of the baby’s needs, Star Confinement Nannies guide, support and counsel the new parents. STAR Confinement nannies are also STAR chefs who lovingly whip up tasty and well-balanced meals for the new mothers.