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Nursing woes constitute one of the major sources of postpartum anxiety for new mums. Many new mothers are forced to cut short their breastfeeding journey due to lack of support or because they are unable to lactate enough to provide for the nutritional needs of growing babies. ReLacto recognizes that even though breastfeeding is a natural process, a mother’s adequate and proper nutrition is important to sustain the supply of milk so she can continue to feed her baby well.

Inspired by their parent company, Tian Wei Signature’s expertise and years of experience in providing nourishment to new mums during their crucial confinement period, ReLacto by Tian Wei supports a mother’s breastfeeding journey beyond the confinement period. ReLacto aims to ease a new mum’s burden and support her well-being by delivering specially curated nourishing meals right at her door-step. With over 100 nutritious dishes on their well-planned lactation menu, ReLacto saves new mothers the hassle of looking for healthy ingredients and preparing meals, so they could instead focus on recuperating and bonding with their little ones.

ReLacto’s meals are powered by lactation boosting ingredients that help the mums produce milk in adequate quantity to support the needs of their growing baby. These lactogenic ingredients such as ginger, garlic, fenugreek, fennel, papaya and Moringa Oleifera stimulate milk production hormones thereby boosting milk production, and also lend a pleasant odour to the milk.

Some of the best lactation-boosting dishes on their menu include the Fenugreek Garoupa Fish Soup, Braised Chicken with Ginger and Coriander Sauce, Thai Style Steamed Seabass and Steamed Prawns with Garlic Vermicelli & Broccoli.

ReLacto’s menu has thus been thoughtfully planned by an award-winning chef and an in-house expert dietitian to offer mouth-watering well-balanced meals that satisfy the mother’s palate while nourishing her body to recover and nurse. The wide variety of appetizing dishes represent the best of traditional Chinese and flavourful fusion cuisines and include signature dishes such as the Moroccan Chicken Stew, Grouper with Celery Sauce, Black Pepper Wagyu Beef Cube and many more. Each lactation meal set is accompanied by a lactation drink like the Black Bean Black Sesame Drink, Roselle Black Dates Drink, Lemongrass Fenugreek Drink and Mulberry Herbal Drink. The dishes also provide necessary vitamins and minerals to support the mother’s postpartum recovery and healing process.

When a lactating mother eats right, the nourishment passes to her baby, leading to a healthier and happier child. Being able to lactate well and fulfil her baby’s nutritional needs boosts the new mum’s confidence and also encourages precious bonding with the baby. Mothers can choose from ReLacto’s flexible package options from 7 to 28 days to start their breastfeeding journey right!

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