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Postnatal Massage Singapore [PNSG] is a leading provider of premium home-based postnatal massage services in Singapore. PNSG’s premium massage services provide authentic Javanese postnatal therapy by certified and well-trained therapists. Since many mums in their confinement period prefer not to step out of the house and rather avail services at home, PNSG brings the postnatal massage services to them. With over 70 WSQ-certified and skilled massage therapists, PNSG offers the care and comfort that recuperating mums need and deserve!

Aimed at promoting a new mum’s total well-being, PNSG has introduced 2 new and convenient in-home massage packages – the Premium Massage Package and the Slimming Massage Package in addition to their existing prenatal and postnatal massage packages. The packages come with freebies such as customized binder that helps in body toning and various rejuvenating oils and herbs such as ginger lotion, pilis jamu cream, tapel cream and grapeseed oil. The oils are used generously and strategically to accord numerous benefits to the mum such as to help with the discharge of lochia, reduce bloating and excessive wind, burn fat and fight cellulite. The healing oils also improve long-term skin health by fighting skin ageing, promoting blood circulation and improving elasticity of the skin. Only the best and most genuine products that carry the assurance of safety are used by therapists for massages.

PNSG’s curated post-natal massages offer special womb massage that helps to gently reposition the pelvic muscles and abdominal organs and help with womb recovery.

Another important element is the special lactation massage that relieves breast engorgement, improves blood circulation and promotes the flow of breastmilk. PNSG’s therapists work their magic on mums’ sore and stiff muscles relieving them of tension so the mum sleep better. Besides alleviating postpartum discomfort, PNSG’s targeted massages help the postpartum mums return to their pre-pregnancy self, faster. The skilled masseurs from PNSG know which specific body areas to target, such as tummy and thigh, to get rid of water retention and cellulite. Using their unique and authentic technique, the therapists are able to tone the mum’s body and help lose the excessive weight in a few sessions.

PNSG’s services are not only reserved for after childbirth. They also offer premium prenatal massages for mums-to-be to ease their pregnancy discomforts such as swelling, leg cramps and back ache. PNSG offers a complete care package right from pregnancy to postpartum to expectant and new mums, also offering advice on infant massage. The PNSG therapists come highly recommended for their skills, expertise and experience, with several accolades to their name, including Parents World’s Award for the “Best in Postnatal Massage Service in Singapore” for the third consecutive year! Testimonials from satisfied customers abound online, expressing appreciation for the mindful and intuitive services provided by the skillful and caring PNSG therapists. Read all reviews here.

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