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The confinement period is a challenging time for new mothers as they need to recuperate after the child birth and at the same time embark on a new chapter in their lives. As the mothers struggle to find the time and energy to balance looking after their own health and their baby’s needs, receiving healthy confinement food at the doorstep is a godsend. For years, Tian Wei Signature has been delivering nutritious, balanced confinement meals to new mums, saving them the hassle of arranging food for themselves.

Tian Wei Signature believes that not only do new mothers need nourishing meals to heal and bounce back to their pre-pregnancy self; they also deserve good-tasting, appetizing food in their onfinement period. This is the reason why their menu – specially curated by their Head Chef, Eugene Tan and In-House Dietitian, Eunice Tan- boasts of a choice of 16 staples, 49 meat dishes and 43 vegetable dishes and 17 desserts. Additionally, each meal is accompanied by an invigorating herbal soup from a choice of 28 distinct flavours to nourish the mum and promote lactation. With such a vast array of options, mums can enjoy delectable, flavourful dishes with minimal repetition during their confinement period.

Tian Wei packages begin with Chinese traditional dishes that support the mother’s recovery and healing process with ingredients such as old ginger, sesame oil,
rice wine, black vinegar and red dates.

In the third and fourth week of the confinement period, they introduce fusion dishes inspired by the Japanese, Taiwanese and Mediterranean cuisines to lend flavour and spice to the mum’s food. All the dishes on the menu are nutritionally balanced and infused with herbs. Some popular ones being the Green Papaya Fish Soup, Tian Wei Signature Coq Au Vin and Braised Pork Trotter in Black Vinegar. The dishes are MSG free and breastfeeding friendly powered by several lactogenic ingredients to boost milk supply. Not only that, Tian Wei has also partnered with Singapore Lactation Bakes to offer nursing moms delectable lactation bakes!

Testimonials from happy mummies abound on Tian Wei Signature’s website and social media pages. A common appreciative feedback is about the variety of dishes in the meals, often with an added surprise element, that ensures that mums do not have to suffer bland, boring confinement food every day. The heart-warming and encouraging reviews talk about the timely delivery of the piping hot and fresh food everyday- with soups in thermal flasks and food encased in environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging. Read all reviews here.

For every mum who is looking for creative and wholesome multi-cuisine confinement food- delivered right at the doorstep; Tian Wei Signature’s award-wining fusion confinement food is the answer!

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