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For the 7th year running, PEM Confinement Nanny Agency is our winner of the “Best in Confinement Nanny Services” award. The first confinement nanny agency to be licensed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), PEM confinement Nanny is Singapore’s leading and largest confinement nanny agency comprising of a team of over 400 professionally-trained and skilled nannies.

There are several reasons why PEM Confinement has been the agency of choice for over 15000 customers and counting over the past 30+years in Singapore. PEM Confinement is Singapore’s first nanny agency to train nannies in its own in-house training centre. Here, the nannies have to clock in 150 hours of practical training for baby and mum care and pass stringent tests before they are cleared for service. To ensure customer’s peace of mind, the nannies have to go through mandatory annual medical check-ups. The agency prides itself on excellent customer service and values customer feedback greatly. Nannies are regularly reviewed for their performance ensuring that the nannies continue to deliver the highest quality of care to their clients. The agency also offers free 2-time replacement and a refund policy in case of the occasional hiccup.

PEM Confinement nannies are trained to provide the finest and the very best in postpartum care to the mother and her new-born. The highly-skilled nannies are trained in basic TCM and lactation knowledge. The nannies provide round-the clock new-born care including bathing the baby, changing the diapers, feeding and updating the baby’s daily log.

The nannies are also excellent cooks and prepare nutritious confinement food for the mother including herbal tonics and tea. They also help with other domestic chores such as mum and baby’s laundry, cleaning the kitchen and preparing mum’s confinement bath. Most importantly, the experienced nannies guide and support the new mums in their breastfeeding journey.

An oft-overlooked aspect of a confinement nanny’s job is guiding the new parents to manage on their own once the confinement period ends. Besides providing excellent care, the nanny has to share her expertise and experience with the parents so that they do not feel overwhelmed and lost once she leaves. Through friendly advice and tips, PEM confinement nannies ensure that the parents are better prepared and more confident before it’s time for her to say bye.

Testimonials abound on how the confinement nannies from PEM confinement Agency (fondly called Auntie by the new parents) made parenthood less challenging by their care and guidance. Customers rave about their nanny being a pillar of support to them and ensuring that the mum got rest and time to recuperate, besides being treated to healthy and delicious confinement food. The customer testimonials and industry awards recognize and reaffirm the agency’s success in providing exemplary nanny services over the years. Read more testimonials here: https://pemconfinement.

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