Best Private Hospital for Maternity Healthcare

Intuitive maternity care services

With Thomson Medical Centre’s thoughtfully curated maternity care services, expectant parents can breathe easy.

Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) has been a forerunner of quality maternity care services in Singapore with over four decades of services dedicated towards ensuring a better childbirth experience for mothers. It is the largest private women’s and children’s hospital in Singapore and also a fourtime recipient of the Parents World Best of the Best Pregnancy Award for Best Private Hospital for Maternity Healthcare.

Backed by an unparalleled track record of excellent maternity healthcare services; TMC understands that mums have different expectations with regards to their birthing experience. Thus, instead of having a one-size fits all approach, TMC believes in offering a plethora of personalized choices to all mums. Besides supporting conventional birthing methods such as Vaginal delivery and C-section, they also support alternative birthing methods such as Water Birth. In fact, TMC is the only private hospital in Singapore that offers water birthing to mums – a natural birthing option that is known to be less stressful on both mum and child.

Mums are also free to choose their preferred pain management technique in consultation with their doctor. Medical options such as epidural and laughing gas are available and are complemented by natural pain management techniques such as hypnobirthing, hydrotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). To make their birthing experience more pleasant and comfortable, mums can also ask for aromatherapy or music and make use of exercise balls to relieve contraction pains. TMC also supports new mothers after childbirth by guiding their breastfeeding efforts and imparting hands-on-training for new-born-care.

As new mums need proper nutrition to support their postnatal recovery and lactation needs, TMC serves a variety of healthy meals for mums during their stay at the hospital, and also special services such as the vitamin and mineral infused fish & papaya soup that helps increase milk supply and the traditional confinement favourite – Longan and Red Date tea.

Apart from supporting parents during their hospital stay, TMC also wants to partner parents throughout their entire pregnancy and parenting journey. TMC’s maternity savings program – the First and Subsequent Born Incentive – help new parents tide over the financial costs of having a newborn. Signing up as a member accords privileges for mums for scans and assessments, classes and seminars and also for baby’s follow-up visits at Thomson Paediatric clinics islandwide. All members receive a 12-month insurance coverage for mum and baby, underwritten by Aviva and partner package for cordblood banking from Cryoviva together with a complimentary Thomson Celebrating Life membership – a lifetime membership that helps the whole family gain access to a wide range of ways to improve their health, wellness and lifestyle.

Childbirth can be a stressful time for expectant parents. Through curated maternity services, TMC alleviates that stress to make this special experience smooth and joyful for parents. Together with the hospital’s trained and dedicated healthcare staff, parents can be assured that every effort will be made to make their stay pleasant and delightful. Thomson Medical Centre’s warm and family-like atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for couples to welcome their newborn with joy and safety! To learn more or book a tour, visit TMC.

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