A Mum’s Essential Guide

Make your parenting journey a breeze with these award-winningbaby & kid care products for 2021!


What it Offers: Easy-Wear and Stylish Baby Carriersfor the Modern-Day Mother

Japhethchiara provides the perfect transition from womb to world for the baby with its ergonomic and comfortable range of baby carriers! Japhethchiara baby-carriers were born out of a mum’s desire to keep her baby close to her while still having the freedom and flexibility to continue working. The brand name Japheth + Chiara is inspired by Founder Rachel Min’s children – Japheth and Chiara!Baby-carriers offer the best solution to mums as they can keep the baby close yet keep their hands free to catch up on pending tasks and chores. Japhethchiara baby carriers are super- easy to wear, akin to putting on a T-shirt! They arealso comfortable, lightweight and super-durable.



What it Offers: Nutritious Food Seasoning Powders for Fussy Eaters

LILO, a home-grown enterprise offering premiumfood-seasoning powders, was born out of a mom’s desire to feed her child right! LILO’s award winning food seasoning powders offer a win-win solution to mothers who are wary of adding artificial flavours and additives to enhance the taste of food. LILO’s Ikan Bilis seasoning powder adds umami to any dish, rendering it flavourful, thus encouraging children to eat better. LILO also offers LILO Premium Mushroom Powder, LILO Premium Scallop Powder, LILO White Bait and LILO Premium Kombu Powder and LILO premium White Bait Powderfood seasoning powders. All these powders are packed with vital minerals and vitamins for the healthy development of children and can be used in a wide range of recipes.


Little Bearnie

What it Offers: Collection of Functional &Stylish Baby Teething Accessories

Handmade with love, Little Bearnie’s exclusive products range from a wide variety of baby teethers to teething accessories such as teether clip-sets, personalized teething clips for the baby, teething necklaces and bangles for the mother. The list of adorable products extends to cuddly baby swaddles, attractive bibs, various feeding products and even toys.Little Bearnie’s Insta-worthy products also make for excellent gifts for baby showers and baby’s first birthday! To help customers create and personalize their own gift sets with the amazing products, Little Bearnie has come up with its own specially curated Bearnie Box too!



What it Offers: All Natural Multi-Purpose Body Oil for Babies

Twinkle Baby Multi-Purpose Body Oilhas been formulated keeping in mind the soft and delicate skin of babies. The oil is 100% natural and can be used on the full body including the head and the stomach. The oilis formulated using natural and intrinsically beneficial oils such as Whitewood, Moringa, Grapeseed, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Lavender Maillette and Orange essential oils. Twinkle Baby Multi-Purpose Body Oil’snon-greasy formula is fast-absorbing and effective in targeting specific problem areas such as colic pain and skin rashes, while also serving as a gentle, soothing massage oil for the whole body. Mums love the soothing oil for their babies as it is all natural and highly versatile!


Aromatic Global Children Toothpaste

What it Offers: Natural Dental Care for Your Child

Children need oral care products that are customised to their needs. Sourced from nature, Aromatic Global Children Toothpaste has been formulated keeping in mind the oral care needs of growing children between the ages of 2 and 7 years. Aromatic Global toothpaste is fluoride free, thereby reducing the risk of dental fluorosis. Since it is 100% plant based and free from any artificial abrasives, additives and preservatives, it is safe and gentle for even 2-year-olds.At the same time the Aromatic Global Toothpaste is powered by the natural antiseptic properties of the Arak Sewak (African Toothbrush Tree) extracts, which has been widely recognized for its medicinal oral hygiene value.


Kewpie Niko Niko Box

What it Offers: Interactive and Nutritious Baby Food

For over 60 years and running, Kewpie has been offering safe, nutritious and delicious baby food to little ones. The Kewpie Niko Niko Boxis an innovative, fun and interactive product from the companythat offers nutritionally balanced food to babies. It is an assorted box of baby food that comprises of a staple dish such as rice or pasta and a side dish with lot of vegetables. Not only is the meal well-balanced, the specialized patented design of the Niko-Niko box allows interaction between caregiver and child as it can turn into a cute and friendly puppet box on one side. The puppet shaped Niko-Niko box encourages playful bonding at meals.