Best Nutritious Food Seasoning Powders

“Add a dash of umami”

Fussy eater no more! Try LILO’s award-winning
food seasoning powders in your child’s meal and have them asking for more!

LILO, a home-grown enterprise offering premium food-seasoning powders, was born out of a mom’s desire to feed her child right! As any other parent of a fussy eater, Lily Loh, founder of LILO, faced the challenge of whetting her daughter’s poor appetite. She realized that the healthy foods we want to feed our children are often bland and unappetizing. Inspired by the memories of her own mother adding homemade ikan bilis (dried anchovies) powder to her porridge, Lily tried the same for her daughter’s food and happily watched her daughter’s appetite grow leaps and bounds. This spurred Lily to set up LILO in 2017 and has since found immense support from parents struggling to nourish their little ones!

LILO’s award winning food seasoning powders offer a win-win solution to mothers who are wary of adding artificial flavours and additives to enhance the taste of food. LILO’s Ikan Bilis powder is packed with the pure, natural goodness of 100% premium Ikan Bilis from Pangkor, Malaysia. Only the finest, premium quality ikan bilis without entrails and guts but with bones are selected. They are then processed in LILO’s very own food factory in Singapore licensed by SFA (Singapore Food Agency), with every step vetted to ensure the highest food safety.

Ikan Bilis is a recommended food group by SG Health Promotion Board as it is loaded with protein- the building blocks of our bodies and is an excellent source of DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid. Ikan Bilis is also rich in vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin A, and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and sodium. LILO’s Ikan Bilis seasoning powder adds umami to any dish, rendering it flavourful and more amenable to taste buds, encouraging weaning babies and growing up children to eat better.

To remove excess salt and impurities, the Ikan bilis is soaked before being slow baked and then grinded into powder for packaging into air-tight containers.

LILO’s efforts to offer seasoning powders that can safely enhance the flavour of food didn’t end with ikan bilis. LILO Premium Mushroom Powder, LILO Premium Scallop Powder, LILO White Bait and LILO Premium Kombu Powder and LILO premium White Bait Powder are other food seasoning powders that are available. All these powders are packed with vital minerals and vitamins for the healthy development of children. LILO’s seasoning powders are free from any additives, preservatives and MSG making them safe for daily consumption even by infants. Read about the health benefits of LILO’s food seasoning powders here.

The LILO Food Seasoning Powders can be used in a wide range of recipes, from marinating meats to cooking with porridge to sprinkle over foods. As LILO’s success and popularity soars, it is also inspiring a community of mums to share ideas and recipes of foods enhanced by LILO’s seasoning powders. There is also a plethora of online testimonials from grateful mothers who have discovered the magic that a dash of Lilo’s premium food seasoning powders can make to their child’s appetite!

Lilo’s food seasoning powders are available at their official website and at 40 retail outlets around the island including Mothercare, Motherswork, Bumwear, Nichebabies and 26 NTUC Finest outlets. Here is their full list of retail partners.