Best Easy-Wear Baby Carriers


Easy-to wear, ergonomic and stylish baby carriers designed for
the modern-day mother who want the best of both worlds!

The modern-day mother is reluctant to choose between caring for her baby and managing other work. She wants – and rightly deserves the best of both worlds. Japhethchiara’s convenient and comfortable baby-wearing solutions offer her the best way to do so. With baby carriers suitable for the mother and safe for the baby, Japhethchiara provides the perfect transition from womb to world and allows busy mums to breathe easy! Japhethchiara baby-carriers were born out of a mum’s desire to keep her baby close to her while still having the freedom and flexibility to continue working. The brand name Japheth + Chiara is inspired by Founder Rachel Min’s children – Japheth and Chiara!

Newborn babies want to be carried all the time as they crave instinctively for the warmth and security of the womb. Traditional carrying the baby involves using the hands, making it difficult for the mother to work, manage household chores, or even look after an older child with a newborn in tow. Baby-carriers offer the best solution as it allows the mums to keep their hands free to catch up on pending tasks and chores while keeping the baby close. Mums also find it easier to calm down the baby and rock him/her back to sleep.

Studies have pointed out how baby-wearing accords promote precious parent-child bonding and accord numerous benefits to the mother and baby. Babywearing allows the baby to smell and feel the mother, listen to her heartbeat, and be soothed by her familiar voice. It facilitates babies to stay in a state of quiet alertness before being lulled gently back to sleep. Studies also suggest that babies worn thus, learn the basics of communication right at their mother’s hip, developing cognitive and verbal abilities faster than other babies.

Designed keeping in mind the demands of motherhood and the paucity of time faced by busy mums, Japhethchiara baby carriers are super- easy to wear, akin to putting on a T-shirt! Just pull it over your neck and shoulders, stretch the fabric with your arms and confidently wear your baby! With the right mix of spandex and cotton, the material is firm and solid but stretchy (can expand to at least 5inches) with a good recovery. The baby carrier is comfortable and lightweight and does not lose shape, over-stretch, or sag even after repeated use. Not only that, you can easily fold and tuck the carrier in the little pouch that comes along with it and sneak it into a diaper bag or even your handbag. The best part of the Japhethchiara baby carriers- you don’t need to buy a larger size as the baby grows. The carrier is durable and can comfortably accommodate a child up to 38 pounds (18kgs), approximately 14-16 months of age.

Japhethchiara baby carriers have also been tested for US certification ASTM F2907 standard for safety. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has approved them as a hip-healthy product, which means that the carrier, when worn correctly, can support and promote
healthy, strong hips for the babies. Japhethchiara’s stylish baby carriers are available in different sizes and attractive colors for discerning mums. View the complete collection here.