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New mums need confinement food that can nourish them back to health and vitality post-delivery and also support their lactation needs. However, many mums might have diet restrictions in the initial weeks after delivery and might also be experiencing sluggish digestion, making it hard for them to keep down spicy or strong flavoured food. Thomson Confinement Food menu has been curated keeping in mind these and more special requirements of new mums. The menu has been thoughtfully planned by Thomson’s in-house team of experienced TCM Physicians, Lactation Consultants and Nutritionists.

Thomson Confinement Food package covers the crucial 28 days of confinement post-childbirth, and offers both lunch and dinner so the mum’s daily nutritional needs are taken care of. Mums can choose from 2 distinct and well-planned food menus – the Traditional Chinese Confinement Menu and Resepi Ibunda – Confinement Menu for Muslim Mums. Both the menus are packed with nourishing foods to aid the recovery and recuperation of a postnatal mum. Each meal is power-packed with 5 items: meat, vegetable, rice, soup and red dates & longan tea. The meals are packed in thermal containers and delivered warm and fresh right at the doorstep twice a day.

The menu is divided into two cycles- the first 10-day cycle consists of dishes that are mild in flavour and easy to digest. In the ensuing 18-day cycle when it is considered safe for mums to revert to more flavourful foods, the menu includes more appetizing dishes that continue to provide the right nutrition for the post-natal mum. All the dishes are fortified with the freshest and most premium selection of herbs and ingredients. The dishes are rich in taste and flavour to tantalize the tastebuds but are low in salt and fat.

For the Traditional Chinese Confinement Menu, the appetizing spread includes their signature dishes the lactation boosting Fish and Papaya Soup and the traditional Braised Pig’s Trotters in Black Vinegar. Soups such as the Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with D.O.M. are double boiled to pack in the nutritional content and purest essence of the ingredients. Mums can choose from fragrant white rice or brown rice. Mums can also choose to replace pork dishes with chicken or fish.

The Resepi Ibunda – Confinement Menu offers a nutritious confinement package to Muslim mothers in Singapore. The specially curated halal food is prepared in a kitchen certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). Traditional Muslim fare such as the popular Beef Rendang and the traditional Soto Ayam Soup are offered to the post-natal Muslim mums. At the same time, the multi-cuisine menu offers Western dishes such as spaghetti and mashed potato and dishes with Oriental flavours such as Double boiled Black Pepper Soup with Ginseng.

Thomson Medical is the first and only private hospital in Singapore that has been offering home delivery of confinement food, since 2013. Its excellent delivery service and well-curated healthy menu has won many accolades in the industry including Parents World, “Best Confinement Food Home Delivery Service” award for the 5th time!

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