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Little Bearnie offers a unique shopping experience with its modern and stylish baby products –baby essentials are not only “beary beary” cute but also functional and safe! Not to mention that these stylish products and accessories offer unlimited social media moments for the young and sassy moms! Handmade with love, Little Bearnie’s exclusive products range from a wide variety of baby teethers to teething accessories such as teether clip-sets, personalized teething clips for the baby, teething necklaces and bangles for the mother. The list of adorable products extends to cuddly baby swaddles, attractive bibs, various feeding products and even toys.

Little Bearnie produces Singapore’s best silicone teethers in the cutest shapes and designs with Gem Biscuit, Siewmai and Cutie Shiba being a few popular ones. The textured surface of the teethers relieve baby’s itchy gums while the attractive designs liven up the nursery! Exclusively designed teething clips conveniently attach the teether to the baby’s dress or stroller keeping it well within their chewing range! Buttery silicone bibs with catch-all pouches – in cute designs- make feeding a breeze. And when sleep beckons, the soft and gentle swaddles/ blankets in exclusive Boba print embrace the baby in a warm “bear(nie)” hug! Finally, why should babies have all the fun? Little Bearnie has also designed chic teething bangles and necklaces for mums to wear and babies to chew on!

Little Bearnie’s Insta-worthy products also make for excellent gifts for baby showers and baby’s first birthday! To help customers create and personalize their own gift sets with the amazing products, Little Bearnie has come up with its own specially curated Bearnie Box!

Customers get to choose from Classic Gift sets in Gem Biscuit, Boba and T-Rex Dino series, worth $46; Signature Gift sets worth $55 in Boba, Sushi Love and Beary Bearnie designs, and Premium Gift sets worth $72 in Boba and Mix and Match options. All 4 gift sets come with a clipper and a teething clip set – customizable by color and design. While the Classic Gift set comes with a silicone bib in attractive colors, the Signature Gift set comes with a comfy swaddle and the Premium set includes both swaddle and bib -in a range of colors and designs to choose from. All special gift sets come with a stylized gift box and a gift card.

Despite their awe-inspiring, trendy, photogenic designs, Little Bearnie’s unfazed focus has been to offer the safest and the highest quality products to its precious customers. Acknowledging that mums already have a lot to chew on, Little Bearnie ensures they are saved from worrying about the safety of their baby’s teether. Little Bearnie’s teethers and teething accessories are made using only 100% food-grade silicone and are completely free from any toxic material such as BPA, vinyl or lead.

Little Bearnie is also the exclusive distributor of popular Canadian brands- Loulou Lollipop, Glitter & Spice and Little Cheeks in Singapore and Malaysia with Paddlepop, Egg & Bacon, Avocado and Rainbow being some of the popular teether designs from these distributor brands. Little Bearnie products are available widely across various retailers and online stores in Singapore. Check their whole list of retail partners here.

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