A Mum’s Essential Guide

Make your parenting journey a breeze with these award-winningbaby & kid care products for 2021!

Aromatic Global Children Toothpaste

What it Offers: Natural Dental Care for Your Child

Children need oral care products that are customised to their needs. Sourced from nature, Aromatic Global Children Toothpaste has been formulated keeping in mind the oral care needs of growing children between the ages of 2 and 7 years. Aromatic Global toothpaste is fluoride free, thereby reducing the risk of dental fluorosis. Since it is 100% plant based and free from any artificial abrasives, additives and preservatives, it is safe and gentle for even 2-year-olds.At the same time the Aromatic Global Toothpaste is powered by the natural antiseptic properties of the Arak Sewak (African Toothbrush Tree) extracts, which has been widely recognized for its medicinal oral hygiene value.


Kewpie Niko Niko Box

What it Offers: Interactive and Nutritious Baby Food

For over 60 years and running, Kewpie has been offering safe, nutritious and delicious baby food to little ones. The Kewpie Niko Niko Boxis an innovative, fun and interactive product from the companythat offers nutritionally balanced food to babies. It is an assorted box of baby food that comprises of a staple dish such as rice or pasta and a side dish with lot of vegetables. Not only is the meal well-balanced, the specialized patented design of the Niko-Niko box allows interaction between caregiver and child as it can turn into a cute and friendly puppet box on one side. The puppet shaped Niko-Niko box encourages playful bonding at meals.


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