Best Interactive Baby Food

It’s a Puppet! No, It’s My Meal!

Bond with your baby over a wholesome meal packed inside
the Niko-Niko puppet box!

For over 60 years and running, Kewpie has been offering safe, nutritious and delicious baby food to little ones. Kewpie understands the importance that food taste plays in the introduction of first foods to babies. To that end they ensure that the food is not only nutritionally balanced but also delicious! When the baby enjoys the taste and texture of food introduced, he or she will look forward to trying out different varieties of foods. It also reinforces early on in life that healthy food can be good-tasting too!

Eating is a wholesome experience and babies use all their senses to experience food. To pique their interest in food, their eyes should find the food visually appealing, their nose should approve of the appetizing aroma, their little fingers should enjoy the texture of the food and finally the food should satiate their taste buds! Last but not the least, having meals together is a great way for family bonding as children watch their caregivers eat and enjoy a variety of foods.

Kewpie’s Niko-Niko Box is an innovative, fun and interactive way to offer nutritionally balanced food to babies. It is an assorted box of baby food that comprises of a staple dish such as rice or pasta and a side dish with lot of vegetables. It comes in 6 exciting and wholesome flavours such as Hokkaido Corn Creamy Pasta with Tomato Stew with Tuna & Vegetables on the side and Rice Porridge with Bonito & Kelp Stock with Japanese Stew with Tuna & Vegetables on the side. The food has a mild, pleasant taste similar to home-made food. The meal is well-balanced with a lot of nutritious ingredients such as healthy vegetables. The texture of the food encourages chewing and is ideal for babies who have been recently weaned off to solids.

Depending on the ingredients in the meal, the Niko-Niko box is suitable for either babies of 7 months and older or 9 months and older.

The box conveniently opens up to an easy- to- feed inbuilt tray and two cups, so no spillage or mess, making it also convenient for feeding on-the-go. The food can be stored and eaten at room temperature but also contains microwaveable cup for warming the food, if required. The specialized patented design of the Niko-Niko box allows interaction between caregiver and child as it can turn into a cute and friendly puppet box on one side. The puppet shaped Niko-Niko box attracts the inquisitive baby and encourages playful bonding at meals. It also encourages the baby to copy the chewing action.

All Kewpie baby foods, including the Niko-Niko box contain no artificial colours, preservatives or fragrances. Most also do not use the seven common food allergens for babies, namely eggs, milk ingredients, wheat, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, peanuts. With their focus being on high-quality of baby food, all Kewpie baby products are tested as per the stringent Japanese food safety standards and then further put to test as per the Kewpie standards. This ensures that Kewpie baby products are always safe and fulfil the nutritional needs of babies right from their first bite to their first family meal.

The Niko-Niko Box costs $5.80 and is available in Singapore at FairPrice finest, Mothercare, Takashimaya L4, Isetan Scotts Supermarket, Lazada Redmart and Meidi-ya.