Best Maternity Insurance Plan for Mother and Child

Get Baby-ready!

Manulife Ready Mummy supports expectant parents in being truly ready for parenthood

Manulife ReadyMummy has bagged the Parents World: “Best Maternity Insurance Plan for Mother and Child” for the third consecutive year. Manulife does not take this recognition lightly as it is working relentlessly to ensure that new parents can start the amazing journey of parenthood with more joy and less anxiety.

While selecting a maternity insurance plan, it is advisable to look at the type of protection offered including coverage for the mother against pregnancy complications and the baby against congenital illnesses as also to compare the number of conditions covered. Manulife ReadyMummy is a 3-year policy that covers the expectant mum from as early as 13th week of pregnancy and the child right from birth till the end of the policy period. The policy covers 14 pregnancy complications at 100% of sum insured, including miscarriage due to accident, providing the expectant mother the peace of mind she deserves.

Manulife ReadyMummy also offers coverage for 24 congenital illnesses for the child at 100% of the sum insured. In case of severe neonatal jaundice that requires a phototherapy machine for treatment, the maternity insurance plan offers 1% of sum insured for each day of machine rental for up to 10 days. In case the mother or the child or both need to be hospitalized due to specified medical conditions, Manulife ReadyMummy offers them daily hospital care benefit of 1% of the sum insured for up to 30 days of hospital stay. In case of the sad demise of either the mother or the child, ReadyMummy provides coverage at 100% of sum insured.

However, what sets Manulife ReadyMummy apart from other maternity insurance policies is that it is the first in Singapore to also offer a mental wellness coverage, laying an equal emphasis on the mental well-being of the expectant/ new mum as her physical well-being. As per an article on K K Women’s & Children’s Hospital website , 80% of postpartum women experience some type of mood disturbance with mild symptoms that are short-lived. While most women recover from these post-natal blues on their own, around 10-15% of women develop significant symptoms of anxiety or depression (Women’s Mental Wellness Service, n.d.). These symptoms can affect the women’s wellness and their ability to take care of and bond with the new-born. Manulife ReadyMummy covers psychotherapy treatment during pregnancy and post childbirth to the extent of 10% of the sum insured to address this often overlooked issue.

Manulife ReadyMummy is not only meant for mothers who have conceived through natural means but also for those who have conceived through assisted procedures such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and Intracervical Insemination (ICI) at an additional premium.

Finally, Manulife ReadyMummy policy holders can buy other eligible plans from Manulife to safeguard their child’s future well-being within 90 days from childbirth, without any health questions asked. Manulife ReadyMummy thus provides you an assurance of protection right from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond so you can welcome your bundle of joy with confidence.