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For Art that Empowers!

“Let your child discover the joy of learning art with 3rd time consecutive winner for art enrichment – MuzArt!”

MuzArt believes that each and every person can be creative! And with that belief, MuzArt has designed an intuitive curriculum and one-of-a-kind teaching methodology. This specialized curriculum and unique teaching methodology promotes self-directed heuristic learning in children which sets it apart from other art enrichment centres in the country.

At MuzArt, art is not just an enrichment lesson, rather it is integral to the holistic development of a child. Art is considered as a medium of self- expression but equally also of ideation, creative thinking and problem-solving – important tenets of a heuristic learning process. MuzArt believes that the young, impressionable minds of children absorb like sponges so it is essential to feed them with sparks of curiosity, imagination and creativity! Through myriad activities that complement their art lessons such as creative play, visual learning, role play, storytelling and craft activities – MuzArt does just that, offering students an immersive learning experience in art.

At MuzArt, high-quality, creative art programmes are offered to students in tandem with character development skills such as perseverance, confidence, teamwork, compassion and positivity. MuzArt promotes cognitive development in the children and also empowers them with necessary skills to meet challenges in the future. Using art education as a tool, MuzArt seeks to cultivate the students’ ethics and behaviour in a fun and easy manner.

Teachers at MuzArt centres are highly qualified and passionate individuals. They mandatorily undergo MuzArt’s in-house art syllabus training and pass the practical and theory exams to be certified. MuzArt offers a conducive learning environment to the children where they can confidently unleash their imagination and create magical artworks. The class size is small so that the children can get undivided attention of the teacher.

MuzArt has been redefining learning of art throughout Asia which has benefited more than 30,000 students so far. In Singapore, MuzArt opened its first centre in 2017 and has since branched out to all parts of Singapore, with 13 well equipped centres. Their Heuristic Creative Art curriculum has helped 5000 students (and counting) in Singapore. MuzArt’s weekly lessons are for children as young as 2, all the way to 18-year-olds. The lessons have been divided into 4 customized art courses depending on the age of the student – Junior, Foundation, Intermediate and Advance.

With several accolades to their credit and thousands of motivated and happy students, MuzArt is the art enrichment school you need for your budding artist!

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