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take care of your new-born and support you in your postnatal needs!

For new parents, the first few weeks post child birth are the most daunting period of their lives. While the new mother needs time to rest and recuperate, the new-born needs to be cared for round-the- clock. Parents feel lost and overwhelmed in the never-ending cycle of diaper changes, milk feeds and erratic sleep schedules. A good confinement nanny can be a godsend in the lives of new parents and allow them to enjoy their parenthood sans exhaustion.

STAR Confinement Nanny, an award – winning agency providing nanny services in Singapore since 2013 has an unmatched portfolio of highly skilled nannies. The agency has a rigorous selection process, choosing only the very best nannies in the industry who can assuredly provide high-quality care to the mother and the newborn. They also train and re-train their confinement nannies in-house at their own STAR training academy school to ensure they meet the industry standards at all points of time.

The excellent team of STAR nannies come with specialized experience of 5 to 10 years in postnatal and baby care. Adept in both traditional and modern confinement practices, Star Confinement nannies also try to accommodate the parent’s style and customize their approach. The new-born specialists from STAR Confinement.

Nanny take care of all of the baby’s needs, such as diaper changes, bottle feeds, laundry, maintenance of nursery and sterilization of bottles – 24/7, offering a much-needed breather to the parents. They also guide the new parents in establishing a feeding and sleeping schedule for their babies. With nannies from STAR Confinement Nanny, parents can also be well-assured of high-standards of hygiene and safety in all aspects of post-partum care.

The confinement nannies at STAR Confinement Nanny are not just skilled and experienced in baby-care, they also proactively support and counsel the new mothers who might be struggling with breastfeeding woes and baby blues. An important part of a confinement nanny’s work portfolio is to cook healthy, nourishing confinement food for the mother to aid her postnatal recovery. STAR confinement nannies are STAR chefs who lovingly whip up tasty and well-balanced meals for the new mothers. Testimonials from happy customers of STAR Confinement Nanny talk about the variety of delicious and nutritious food made by the confinement nannies.

STAR Confinement Nanny’s Facebook page is also full of testimonials from satisfied customers who were touched by the professionalism and sincere commitment of the nannies hired. In fact, their Facebook page has the highest ratings review in the industry. This is the reason that most nannies at the agency get hired by word-of-mouth referral. Find out more here.

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