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“Instil a lifelong love for Mandarin in your child and improve their academic score with EduGrove’s uniquely tailored Mandarin enrichment classes.”

EduGrove, a 6th time winner of the Parents World, Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Award for Chinese Enrichment, has been revolutionizing the methodology for effective Chinese immersion. EduGrove’s unique approach to teaching and learning Mandarin makes the enrichment school a popular choice for parents and children alike. Lessons at EduGrove cut through the tedium of learning
Mandarin and replace it with the joy of learning the language!

The teaching pedagogy at EduGrove discourages the use of rote learning as it only feeds the short-term memory of students. Instead EduGrove supports learning in a fun and engaging manner that leads to effective longterm immersion of the language. Through role-play, drama and interactive games, children are encouraged to actively use Mandarin keywords and phrases of common parlance. This ethodology allows children to vocalize their thoughts and communicate confidently in Mandarin in the classrooms and beyond.

Needless to say, teachers play a pivotal role in the learning journey of the students. At EduGrove, all the teachers are highly qualified native Mandarin speakers, besides being fluent in English. These super-talented and skilled teachers are selected through a rigorous process and undergo in-house training to ensure that their teaching style is attuned to the “EduGrove way”. EduGrove teachers are passionate about creating a difference in every child’s life and igniting a life-long love for Mandarin in them.

EduGrove’s curriculum is based on MOE’s commonly tested keywords and further enriched with vocabularies that help the students in becoming better speakers and writers. As a one-stop learning center for all ages and needs, EduGrove offers programmes that cater right from tots in Playgroup to Secondary school students. There are also Chinese immersion classes for international students and adults who wish to upskill themselves by learning the second most spoken language of the world- Mandarin.

At EduGrove, parents are encouraged to partake in a child’s learning journey and to that end teachers regularly communicate with parents to update on the child’s progress. Spacious, well-lit classrooms, small group size complete the holistic learning experience of students at EduGrove’s enrichment centres.

EduGrove’s teaching methodology is not only effective in language immersion but also yields a positive outcome in improving grades. The many testimonials on its website from happy children and grateful parents is a testament to how EduGrove’s enrichment classes have helped children ace their Mandarin exams over the years, besides of course being fun and engaging!

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