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Watch your child blossom to their full potential with Autism Recovery Network’s path-breaking ABA-VB based intervention programme!

Autism Recovery Network (ARN) has been working tirelessly in the field of special needs education since the year 2005. Backed by years of research, expertise and experience, Autism Recovery Network boasts of the highest rate of recovery and mainstreaming in Asia. It has an enviable proven track record of helping thousands of children with autism spectrum disorder integrate into mainstream schooling. What sets ARN apart from other special needs education schools is its in-depth understanding of early intervention needs in children complemented by highly skilled and dedicated staff members. Continual and comprehensive training ensures that ARN is staffed by the best therapists and special needs educators in the industry.

Autism Recovery Network makes use of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy, an evidence-based method of teaching which uses rewards to teach appropriate behaviours and responses to children. Recommended by the Ministry of Health, ABA remains the most researched and scientifically proven autism treatment available. ARN goes a step forward by combining Verbal Behaviour (VB) with ABA so the children are equipped with necessary linguistic skills. Thus, they not only learn to respond with appropriate behaviours but also learn to express themselves. ARN’s signature programme, 1-to-1 Therapy is an intensive ABA-VB programme that lays the foundation for mainstream school transition and works on building the necessary language, behavioural and social skills in the children.

School-Time at Autism Recovery Network is a therapeutic school preparatory program for children with autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and other special needs. The programme conducted in a typical classroom setting, simulates a real class room environment, orienting the children to routines and facilities that they can expect when they transition.

Their existing skills of reading, writing, spoken language and numeracy are also honed to prepare them for the academic rigor. The aim is to ensure that the children adapt quickly to the new environment and are able to function independently within it. ARN continues to support the transition through centre-based tutorials, personalized tuitions and therapy sessions.

ARN’s success is amplified by extending the ABA-VB therapy to homes, kindergartens and schools using natural environment teaching (NET). This allows the family members and caregivers to adopt appropriate learning goals for the child. It also helps to reduce behavioural issues at home and school and progressively improves the child’s social interaction with his family and friends making the intervention more effective. The plethora of testimonials from grateful parents on their website showcase incredible intervention and mainstreaming success stories.

Autism Recovery Network has also been recognized for its effective and progressive practices in the field of special needs education through various accolades and awards over the years. ARN is a 6th time awardee of the Parents World “Best Enrichment & Learning School Award.” ARN has also been accredited as the only Authorized Continuing Education Provider Organization (ACE) in South East Asia by Behaviour Analyst Certification Board Inc (BACB).

It can be safely said that Autism Recovery Network unlocks the world for your child and in turn prepares your child effectively for the world!

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