IKEA BYGGLEK: Build, Play, Store, Repeat!


Storage Solutions for Uninterrupted Play!

IKEA has launched BYGGLEK (Swedish for ‘build, play’), a range of storage boxes that also serve as building spaces for days of unfettered creativity!

In a “playful”collaboration with LEGO, IKEA has come up with storage solutions for the ubiquitous LEGO blocks. A creation that would surely be loved by both children and parents, BYGGLEK allows children to build inside, outside or around the storage boxes! Children can play both in the box and on the lid, as they have the same distinctive studs as the building blocks.

No more is there a need to break masterpieces in the making to store them away for the night. Most importantly, no stepping over LEGO pieces / creations left on the floor. We have all been there and know how annoying and painful that can be!

BYGGLEK enures that there is no clutter once play has ended, since the unfinished works can wait inside or on top of the boxes while their creator takes a power snooze or attends school. And the next day, the creator can simply start from where he or she left!

Don’t Hide, Display with Pride!

Not just storage, IKEA BYGGLEK also makes it easy for masterpieces to be displayed around the house. The storage boxes are neat and compact and can blend into any part of your home, from where they would proudly and safely display the latest LEGO creation.

BYGGLEK lets you think (and play) outside the box to create room for play, display and replay every day!  

We wanted to make a box that is part of children’s play and creativity, rather than hiding it away. In BYGGLEK there is lots of room for all kinds of fun”. “And on the side of the box, we made a recess where you can build a window or decorate – making the box more personalized.” designer Andreas Fredriksson.

In-store exclusive: Spend min. $50 on BYGGLEK and redeem a free 30359 LEGO® CITY Police
Water Plane*! (Limited to first 200 customers per store. Other T&C apply.

Storage boxes come in various sizes ranging from $19.90 to $24.90. Collection can be purchased in- stores from 18 February 2021 and online from 25 February 2021. Limited to 3pcs per article per customer in-stores. Discover more about the range at IKEA.sg/bygglek.