Kick, Punch, Sweat! 9Round is Calling Busy Moms to Try Kickboxing!

Kickboxing, an ideal full-body workout!

One of the hottest fitness trends in town is Kickboxing, a high-intensity full body workout! Now, 9Round, a boutique kickboxing fitness gym is calling on moms to commit 30 minutes from their busy schedule of juggling parenting responsibilities for the betterment of their own health.

What makes kickboxing an ideal workout for parents, mothers in particular, is that it requires only 30 minutes a day to give a complete workout that strengthens muscles, trains reflexes and helps to lose weight. The workout is just what time-strapped mummies need, not to mention that it allows frazzled mummies to let off some steam!

If this was not reason enough, 9Round gives you some “punching good” reasons to consider kickboxing at its 8 centres across Singapore:
  • There are no fixed classes so you are free to workout at your own convenience than adhere to fixed timings. New rounds at 9Round start every 3 minutes, and after completing 10 rounds, your intensive and super effective workout is over!
  • 9Round is a female-friendly kickboxing gym with a predominantly female clientele and friendly trainers, ensuring you are at ease unlike typical, highly-masculine gyms. 9Round limits physical contact thus allowing you to relax and enjoy your workout.
  • First timers and beginners are guided by the trainers and the workouts customized to fit each individual’s level and pace.
  • Kickboxing is a full-body workout that involves the actions of kicking, punching and other mixed movements making it an ideal all-round cardiovascular exercise — perfect for mothers who need quick results. The sessions also help to energize mothers and boost stamina and confidence.

Founded in 2019, 9Round aims to provide a fitness solution to busy Singaporeans. It incorporates circuit training introduced by Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, founder and CEO of 9Round Franchising LLC. For more information, please visit You can also connect with 9Round at their social media pages: Facebook and Instagram.

What’s more, 9Round is extending an invitation to all to sign up for a free workout at So get kicking today mummies!