Best Thematic Indoor Playground in Singapore

Get Transported to a Land of Fun and Learning!

Explore HomeTeamNS indoor playground: T-Play for hours of family fun and bonding!

Children are usually fascinated by vehicles as these have the potential to fuel their imagination and transport them to a fast-paced world! Then what could possibly be better than engaging them in hours of exciting play in a 390 sqm exclusively transport themed indoor playground? T-Play at HomeTeamNS, Bukit Batok is Singapore’s first and only transport-themed indoor playground. Made in Sweden and assembled in Singapore, T-Play is the first augmented playground at HomeTeamNS, and one of the most
interactive playgrounds in Singapore.

The sprawling indoor playground at Bukit Batok is designed to engage the child with visually attractive designs and specially curated interactive play areas. The playground has exciting airport like features that are bound to keep little ones exploring. T-Play at Bukit Batok also has trampolines, ball pits and slides for endless fun! Besides enjoyment, playing in such an interactive environment is also an enriching experience for the children. It can enhance their motor and spatial skills, improve hand-eye co-ordination and aid their cognitive development and sense of direction.

Parents can observe the children or join them in their journey of exploration, learning and fun, making the time at T-Play an opportunity for parent-child bonding and family fun!

The kid friendly playground at Bukit Batok has won many accolades such as Top Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore 2020 by MediaOne, Best Transport-theme Indoor Playground by Parents World 2018-2019 and BYKidO’s Top Voted Indoor Playground.

This year, T-Play also got an exciting new look at a new location: T-Play at HomeTeamNS Khatib built entirely with a Peranakan theme. Singapore’s first ever indoor playground sporting a local cultural theme, the playground was inspired by the heritage passed down generations by 15th century Peranakan settlers. The architecture of the playground showcases Chinese, Malay and Western infuences that have shaped the Peranakan culture. The play area is adorned with vibrant and intricate motifs, housing carefully curated items and objects that are rich with Peranakan history from, the Intan museum –where its founder & curator, Baba Alvin Yapp, lives.

Built over an area of 650 sqm, T-Play Khatib is a place for children to have fun with its interactive trampoline, slide tower, sports pitch, foam ball shooting arena, ninja course and more! It is also a place to get an insight into the rich Peranakan culture and heritage. With its unique elements, T-Play Khatib offers a unique local learning experience to little ones and their families. HomeTeamNS has also won the Friend of Heritage award at the National Heritage Board’s annual Patron of Heritage Awards, for partnering with Peranakan museum The Intan at T-Play.

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