Best Indoor Climbing Arena in Singapore

The Only Way is Up

Challenge yourself in the stimulating environs of Clip ‘n Climb on your next family outing!

Simply put, Clip ‘n Climb is a place where you put on a harness and start climbing, aiming for the very top! Climbing is all about challenging yourself, pushing yourself to the limit and then beyond for one of the most exhilarating experiences in indoor sports. At the same time climbing can be a fun, leisure activity for the entire family if you have different levels of climbing challenges to explore.

HomeTeamNS is the first to bring the exciting and challenging sports from New Zealand to home turf in the form of Clip ‘n Climb, located at Tampines Clubhouse. The first indoor climbing theme park in Singapore offers 19 different challenges to cater to different age groups and levels of expertise- right from complete novices to professional climbers. There is no minimum age requirement and anyone above the weight of 10 kgs is welcome to try the ropes.

The aesthetics of the climbing arena at Clip n Climb is inviting with its brightly colorful walls, abstract themes and variety of materials. Light effects and foot-tapping music accentuate the action-packed atmosphere, encouraging the climbers to keep climbing! Besides being a leisure activity; climbing improves dexterity, agility, concentration and focus.

For children, climbing can help in improving sensory and motor skills. It can also discourage the fear of heights.

Due to the nature of the sports, safety is a key consideration and Clip ‘n Climb HomeTeamNS is designed to provide fun and challenging experiences to climbers in a safe environment. They use TruBlue Automatic Belay system – a magnetic eddy current braking technology – to ensure a safe controlled descent to climbers. Further, super energetic and friendly staff at Clip ‘n Climb are always at hand to guide the climbers to safety and facilitate the climbing process.

Clip n Climb’s social media pages are filled with testimonials from happy climbers who have successfully scaled new heights while having fun at every step up! The visitors are also appreciative of the helpful and attentive staff who instil climbers with confidence and boost their morale. The staff often demonstrate to the climbers how to attempt an arduous wall face and ace it. At Clip ‘n Climb, all effort is made to ensure that every climbing experience becomes a memorable one for its climbers!

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