House of Seafood, a Family Friendly Restaurant with Creative Dishes

House of Seafood – House of Innovative, Scrumptious ‘Crabby” Offerings For the Whole Family!

Award winning Black Pepper Crab

House of Seafood, a popular family-friendly seafood restaurant in Singapore is well-known for its Black Pepper Crab – rightly voted as “Singapore’s Best Black Pepper Crab.” But not many people know that House of Seafood is home to the most creative and innovative seafood offerings in Singapore and even around the world. Francis Ng, Founder of House of Seafood is constantly delighting his patrons with not just the juiciest, freshest crabs in the island but also novel, creative offerings that wow their eyes and palate!

Some of the most creative crabby creations at House of Seafood for the whole family are:

Crab-in-a-Bun, anyone?


Have you ever tried having crab in a bun? No more agonizing over separating the meat from the shell! House of Seafood offers fresh, succulent crab meat encased neatly in a giant bun. Limited 100 pieces of these giant buns are manufactured fresh every day in Singapore. The, fresh crab meat is taken out from the shell and baked inside the bun with freshly cooked sauces to pack in a burst of exciting flavors. To avoid spillages, the crab meat is packed inside food-grade plastic wrap with baking paper. Crab-in-Da-Bun is available in three flavours: Chili Crab, Black Pepper Crab and Salted Egg Crab.

Crab-in-da-Bun is priced at only $28.80. For those who prefer chicken, the dish is also available in Mala Chicken and Curry Chicken flavours, priced at only $18.80.

The idea to offer Crab-in -Da-Bun was born during the COVID-19 circuit breaker. Aptly referred to as the Covid Bun, Crab-in-Da-Bun is just the right size for sharing with family members or a small group of friends, so you can continue to enjoy your favourite food with your favourite people even in these difficult times. Not only this, the founder decided to bring the Covid Bun to the doorstep of its patrons and even waived off $10 delivery charges, so they could enjoy the delicious dish in the comfort of their home. Additionally, the delivery come with a free warmer bag worth $5, plastic hand gloves, plastic knife, plastic plate and a full set of cutlery; making it perfect for potlucks, dinners, picnics and parties in the house or anywhere!

Crabby, yet Cute!

Crab-in-a- Cake:  Seafood giant, House of Seafood offers real chili crab in a cake décor. Priced at $88, the crab-in-a-cake consist of real chili crab, done up beautifully in the shape of a real cake with resplendent colors and exciting combo of flavours. There are 3 choices available: Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab and Salted Egg Crab.

Oreo Crab, Milo Crab, Yakult Crab and other Crabby yet Cute Ideas!

Always thinking out of the box and daring to experiment with their menu; House of Seafood offers 100 innovative crab flavours to its patrons.

House of Seafood is the 1st restaurant in Singapore to offer customized crab dishes on request. From Milo Crab and Cocoa Cola Crab to Yakult Crab and Kaya flavoured Crab, you name it and they can prepare it for you! The pricing of the dish is as per the cost of crab per kg. Promo price $29/kg for 600gms (U.P $70/kg).

Oreo Crab, another first in a long list of firsts at House of Seafood, is a unique fusion dish popular with children and those who are adventurous in their food choices.  Chopped up crab is cooked in a thick and aromatic butter cream sauce with Oreo crumbs sprinkled generously on top allowing the Oreo crumbs to still retain their crunchiness.

Crab Pizza

Crab Pizza: Another unique, flavourful dish by House of Seafood, Crab Pizza comes in 3 mouth-watering flavours: Chili Crab Pizza, Black Pepper Crab Pizza and Salted Egg Crab Pizza. Made with real crab meat and infused with the finest choice of toppings, Crab Pizza at House of Seafood is a delectable dish to be enjoyed by the whole family!

Crabby, yet Classy!

Many people still prefer the classic crab with traditional rice or noodles offering. Here too, House of Seafood offers a variety of choices with the most popular being White Bee Hoon and the KL Big Noodles.  Their award-winning White Bee Hoon is a best-selling preparation by their in-house Chef who was formerly chef at the famed Sembawang White Bee Hoon Restaurant. House of Seafood is also one of the few seafood restaurants in Singapore to offer KL big Noodles to its customers.

Let’s get “Crabbing”!

House of Seafood is the first and only seafood joint in Singapore that offers ready to eat, microwaveable “crab in a box.” The ready to eat crab-in- a box come in three exciting flavours: chilli, black pepper and salted egg yolk! The crabs weigh about 600g each and cost only S$59.90 each. Fresh and juicy, the ready to eat crabs are stay good for consumption for up to 12 months. Have at home, take overseas with you or enjoy with friends – in just 8 minutes you can have House of Seafood’s signature crab dishes, whenever and wherever you want to!

The ready to eat crab-in- a-box is sold at supermarkets across Singapore, including NTUC- Fairprice and also overseas in Hong Kong and Korea. You can place an order in Singapore and have it delivered within 24 hours anywhere in China.

Adding one more “pincer to their cap”, House of Seafood is the first of its kind restaurant in Singapore to sell crab in vending machines. The vending machine dishes out three flavours of crabs – chilli, black pepper and salted egg yolk – all served hot in vacuum-sealed plastic boxes within 5 ½ minutes.

Not just Crab! Non-Crab Family Favourites:

House of Seafood not only offers Crab in innovative flavours, it also offers a selection of the most sumptuous local delights to its patrons.

Handmade Prawn Rolls

One of the best-selling items on its menu, handmade prawn rolls are great as an appetizer or a side-dish. Priced at only $16, this local delight is a family favourite!

Handmade prawn rolls

Handmade Beancurd with Chef Special Sauce

Another dish from Singapore’s local cuisine, this best-selling item is very popular with children. At House of Seafood, this dish is prepared with beancurd made from fresh soya milk and then fried to perfection. The end-result is mouth-watering soft and delicious Handmade Beancurd.

Handmade Beancurd with Chef Special Sauce

The Story of House of Seafood:

House of Seafood’s founder Mr. Francis Ng admits that he is not a restauranter, nor did he have any knowledge of the F&B industry when he set up his first humble outlet at 180 Yio Chu Kang Road back in 2008.  The restaurant rather owes its existence to his compassion for the less fortunate, especially the old people and a desire to help them live with dignity. In 2008, Mr. Ng came across a “karang guni auntie” who refused to take money from him despite being poor as she wanted to earn a living for herself. This inspired Mr. Ng to build a restaurant that could employ old people and offer them a chance to lead a dignified life. He hired the auntie as a waitress in his first outlet and 12 years later she is still an employee at House of Seafood. The first chef of his restaurant -Chef Tay, famous for his signature dish – the Black Pepper Crab, is also still an integral part of the House of Seafood.

Over the years, House of Seafood has reinvented itself with a menu of over 150 dishes and counting. The restaurant has also been a game-changer where crab pricing is concerned. At House of Seafood, juicy crab is priced at only $29 per 600gms, a price that is unmatched by supermarkets and food courts in Singapore. This makes House of Seafood’s crabs enticingly value for money, besides of course being delicious, innovative and mouth-watering.

Craving for Crab? Here is how to “Crab” it:

House of Seafood offers island wide home-delivery of its mouth-watering fare as well as customized catering services. Access the full menu here.

But if you prefer the perfect cracking dine-in experience at its restaurants, choose from its outlets: Home of Seafood at 1, Joo Chiat Place (Halal certified), Seafront Dining at 500 New Punggol Road, #01-01 and the newly opened Riverfront fresco dining at Clarke Quay (besides Liang Court).

To make reservations, call +65 64425180 for Joo Chiat, +65 64669000 for Punggol and +65 64449000 for Clarke Quay.

Restaurant Timings: Mon -Fri 11am-2pm and 5pm-11pm; Sat-Sun 11am-11pm 

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