Best Preschool with Chinese Language and Culture Programme

Putting Character Development First

“Choose SHHK Pre-school for your child for a truly holistic preschool programme that balances academics with character development.”

SHHK Pre-school is a leading preschool in Singapore that offers a robust Chinese Language and Culture programme to the children as part of a holistic learning experience. The preschool is much sought -after by parents who are keen on a learning environment that focuses as much on character building as it does on academic proficiency. Mrs. Jasmine Lim is one such parent who is impressed by how well the preschool can balance both – academic rigor and instilling of good values in the children.

Mrs. Lim’s elder son Davin, now a Primary 1 student, studied at SHHK Pre-school for two years. According to Mrs. Lim, SHHK Pre-school was able to offer a strong foundation in Chinese to Davin with an exposure to everyday usage of the language. This exposure has helped Davin cope with the rigorous Chinese lessons in primary school. Not only that, Davin is also able to switch smoothly between English and Chinese, both at school and at home.

Besides an excellent command over the Chinese language, Mrs. Lim feels that the supportive atmosphere at SHHK Pre-school has helped Davin develop leadership qualities and an ability to think and act independently. Mrs. Lim observed how Davin started believing in himself and became more confident in trying out new ideas, thanks to the confidence instilled by SHHK Pre-school in him.

She feels that this positive and proactive attitude is serving him well in primary school where he is being awarded opportunities to lead. From managing his time well to speaking confidently in public, Mrs. Lim feels that SHHK Pre-school has trained Davin well in life skills, making his transition to primary school an easy one.

Mrs. Lim is also appreciative of the high responsiveness of the SHHK Pre-school staff, right from the Principal to the teachers and administrative team. She feels that the preschool ensures that she and other parents were always kept well informed of their child’s progress by regular updates and feedback. From on-spot feedback to phone calls and photo sharing, parents were always kept abreast of their child’s progress and issues, if any. The school also offers volunteering opportunities to parents who might be keen to get involved closely with the school.

The preschool is also spacious with excellent amenities such as a big field, indoor sports hall, living skills room, garden and more, offering children a holistic experience. Perhaps the biggest testimony to Mrs. Jasmine Lim’s satisfying experience with the school is that her younger son will be joining the SHHK Pre-school in the next academic year.

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