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“Enhance your pre-schooler’s education with quality enrichment classes
from EdLab right in the comfort of your home.”

Ednovation, a Singapore-based education group operating here since 1991, has added EdLab – an innovative online enrichment school for pre-schoolers – to its umbrella of awarded brand names in preschool education such as EdnoLand, Cambridge Pre-school, ChildFirst Pre-school, and Shaws Preschool. With over 30 years of experience in pre-school curriculum development and 90 pre-schools and enrichment programmes across Singapore and ASEAN, Ednovation promises to deliver the best in online preschool enrichment through EdLab.

By offering online enrichment classes, EdLab is bridging the gap in learning created by the pandemic and subsequent safe distancing measures. It is offering a sustainable solution to parents and children that is both safe and effective. EdLab believes that online enrichment classes conducted in the safe comfort of students’ homes offer great transparency as parents are able to observe what is being taught, how effective the classes are and whether or not the child is enjoying the lesson. This helps parents guide the child better and plan suitable enrichment lessons in the future.

Further, each online class has a low teacher-student ratio of 1: 5 which allows for effective communication and interaction during the lesson. The online classes are conducted by qualified and experienced preschool teachers who at least have a diploma in early childhood
education approved by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

These teachers also have suffcient experience in conducting home based learning classes during the circuit breaker. To optimize learning for the young children who have a short attention span, EdLab has broken down one long classroom lesson into shorter online lessons of 45-60 minutes.

EdLab currently offers three enrichment programmes: Chinese, Coding and Robotics and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths). The enrichment programmes have been designed by Ednovation’s pre-school education curriculum specialists and have been tested in the pre-schools before being offered at EdLab. For its Chinese enrichment, EdLab is offering Ednovation’s very popular and successful in-house Chinese Rapid Word Recognition Programme that has been used by thousands of children to gain mastery over the language. EdLab’s Coding and Robotics Programme has won many accolades in its partner schools for delivering fundamentals of coding to young children in a fun, unobtrusive way. The coding programme has also been featured in Channel News Asia (CNA) documentary series on Artificial Intelligence, “Becoming Human”(Episode 4: Real Power). EdLab is also one of the few enrichment centres in Singapore to offer STEAM programmes to pre-schoolers backed by the same innovative curriculum that is offered by Ednovation’s Cambridge Pre-school.

EdLab is currently offering Holiday Enrichment programmes in addition to their regular weekly classes. To learn more visit here.

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