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Physics can be one of the most daunting subjects for students in higher grades. At The Physics Café, tutors work hard in breaking down and simplifying the difficult so students not only master the subject but also enjoy the process! PMC Education Group which was set up in 2009 specialises in IP and JC Physics, Maths and Chemistry. It prides itself on a teaching pedagogy that is unlike other tuition centres and one that generates stellar results year after year.

PMC has over 10 years of experience in tutoring students at Higher Secondary and Junior College levels. It boasts of the largest intake of Physics IP and JC students in Singapore, with a yearly enrolment of over 1000 students. PMC well appreciates the rigors of Singapore education system and prepares students accordingly. At PMC, results speak for themselves, with at least 80% of PMC students scoring A in Physics and/ or Maths, double that of the national average. One only has to look at their hall of fame to believe.

PMC is helmed by Founder – Principal Mr Dave Sim, a renowned physics super tutor with a rich teaching experience at RI(JC). PMC has a rigorous selection process for tutors, ensuring that only the best get hired for the job. The experienced and highly skilled tutors guide the students to think smart, work smart and prove their smartness to the examiner.

PMC tuition centres are a class apart, as all new enrolments are by referral from existing students. The centre does not engage in marketing gimmicks and nor does it entertain walk-ins, so all

students here are passionate and raring to excel! Tutors across all 4 centres of PMC follow the teaching pedagogy and style of teaching uniformly. Children are supported by best-in-the-industry resources such as in-house notes, mindmaps, quizzes, tests, PowerPoint games, kahoot! so they are well-prepared for exams.

PMC is equipped with a digital lesson library at that enables students to access pre-recorded lessons from the comfort of their home. With a digital membership, students don’t miss a single lesson and can learn in their own time and at their own pace. Students who prefer a customised private 1-1 classes can register for the signature PMC GOLD CLASS. Your tutor be the same tutor teaching the group classes. The only difference is that the class is exclusive and private and can be customised. PMC also allows students to drop by the centre for weekend studies and consult tutors on WhatsApp 24/7. The tuition centre boasts of its own library, café and shuttle bus.

With such premium resources and untiring support from tutors, the sky is the limit for your child at The Physics Cafe! Read thousands of online reviews in their social media page and website to learn more. PMC has 4 outlets located at: Bishan, Beauty World, Novena and Paya Lebar and will be opening another branch next to Marymount MRT to specialise in live online lessons.

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