Making Each Wish Count!

One Tiny Wish- illustrative storybook

Most of us are aware of the remarkable work done by Make-A-Wish Singapore, a non-profit organization that creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Till date, Make-A-Wish Singapore has granted over 1,560 wishes and counting. This year, in conjunction with the upcoming Children’s Day, the organization has launched The Wish Effect campaign with an illustrative children’s storybook, an animated video and an immersive Instagram filter.

The aim is to raise awareness among the members of the public on the long-lasting, life-changing impact of the fulfillment of a wish on a child with critical illness. The storybook and video in the campaign is inspired by the life-changing wish of Ming, a child with a critical illness. They beautifully capture the lasting and positive impact of the fulfilled wish on Ming’s recovery journey and on everyone around him.

Ming and his sister, happy after his recovery

“At Make-A-Wish Singapore, we firmly believe in the powerful and lasting impact of wishes that can transform the lives of every eligible child, uplift their families and the wider community. We have made incredible progress in granting the wishes for these children and we look forward to continue spreading The Wish Effect. We hope that these initiatives will inspire more referrals and allow us to extend the power of wishes to more eligible children.” – Neil Dyason, Chief Executive Officer, Make-A-Wish Singapore.

Support The Wish Effect campaign and Make-A-Wish Singapore:

  • Spread the word about the book and the video to your friends. While the book will be distributed to hospitals and selected public libraries, the ‘One Tiny Wish’ video is available on the official YouTube channel of Make-A-Wish Singapore.
  • Download a customized Instagram Filter, ‘The Wish Effect’, via the Make-A-Wish Singapore’s Instagram Page. Use the hashtag #thewisheffect, tag Make-A-Wish Singapore and share the filter widely with your friends and social media followers.
  • Make a referral to help spread The Wish Effect. Visit their website to learn more.
Ming’s nurse making the referral on MAW website