Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer: Mist Up Before You Mask Up!

Maskne, a New-Age Skin Problem

Lady wearing an N95 mask

Maskne or acne caused by prolonged wearing of face masks is a skin condition that is affecting people of all ages in recent times. Our skin intuitively balances its moisture levels when it is in contact with air but masking up prevents that. Wearing masks in Singapore is even harsher on the skin, given the island’s hot and humid weather.

Overheating of skin and trapped moisture under the mask cause clogged pores that result in inflammation, acne and pimples. Left untreated, this can lead to bacterial or fungal infection called folliculitis. Other common skin woes are redness, rashes, dryness and skin peeling caused due to the constant chafing and rubbing of mask against the skin.

Good hygiene practices, such as washing face frequently, sanitizing hands before and after masking and wearing a clean mask, help in keeping the skin free from impurities. Another important practice is to form a protective barrier between the skin and the mask with the help of a skin care product, such as the Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer.

3-in-1 Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer 100 ml

Mist Up for Skin Health each Time You Mask Up!

Twinkle, the house of all-natural, organic skin care products, has launched another path breaking product: the Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer. Enriched with the goodness and superpower of 10 best natural oils, the 3-in-1 Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer protects, shields and moisturizes your skin, with or without the mask! The gentle yet powerful product can alleviate multiple skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, rashes, dermatitis and eczema. It also works as an effective skin barrier underneath your mask and a skin nourisher and toner when you take the mask off.

Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer is formulated with a rich blend of 10 best natural oils that work in tandem to protect the skin from pollutants and infections as well as to heal it. These are Calendula Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Camellia Japanica Seed Oil, Lavender Maillette, Orange, Geranium, Tea Tree and Whitewood Oil. While oils such as Calendula and Jojoba work on soothing the skin and restoring its natural moisture, oils such as the Camellia Japanica Seed Oil and the Tea Tree Oil are anti-inflammatory and prevent painful and ugly skin breakouts.

So remember to mist up with Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer each time- before you mask up and after you mask down- for healthy skin!

3-in-1 Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer with 10 best natural oils.

Let Your Skin Breathe Easy, With or Without the Mask!

Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer serves as a natural sunscreen, protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. It also helps to maintain a healthy PH level for the skin. Light, airy and with a non-greasy formula, Twinkle face mist is suitable for the hot and humid climate of Singapore. Being hypoallergenic, the product is suitable for the whole family including young children and babies. It can also be used by people with sensitive skin or those who are suffering from preexisting skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.

Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer is easy to use- just close your eyes and spray all over the face as many times as you need. It is available in two sizes:100 ml bottle for the whole family and a handy 30 ml for spray-on-the-go. Place your order here and say goodbye to maskne and other agonizing skin conditions!

Let your skin breathe easy, with or without the mask with Twinkle Face Mist Sanitizer!