Celebrate A Beautiful & Confident You at Privé Clinic!

Prive Clinic at Palais Renaissance

The freshly revamped Privé Clinic, located at Palais Renaissance offers an ultimate spa-like experience to its customers who visit for various aesthetic and body contouring treatments. Privé  Clinic is helmed by trained aesthetic doctors – Dr. Karen Soh and Dr Shirley Kwee.

“We want women to celebrate themselves and their bodies. Privé Clinic is constantly growing, and through this expansion, we’re excited about what it represents – a wellness centre that allows you to embrace your true beauty without feeling vulnerable. ” says Dr Karen Soh, Medical Director at Privé Clinic.

As many women, especially mums struggle with post-pregnancy bulge and stubborn fat; Parents World asked Dr. Karen Soh how Prive Clinic’s Bodyworks programs could help them.

Q.What are the popular slimming (body contouring) treatments that are offered at Privé Clinic? Can you describe them for our readers?

Dr. Soh: “At Privé, we offer body contouring treatments tailored to every body type, but one of our favourite and newest treatment is Emsculpt. This FDA-approved, non-invasive and pain-free procedure is the first and only body sculpting procedure catered for both men and women; whilst being the world’s first non-invasive butt lift procedure available in the market.

Emsculpt -Body Sculpting Procedure at Prive Clinic

With the use of electromagnetic pulses, Emsculpt helps to precisely target unwanted fat while simultaneously strengthening one’s muscles. These electromagnetic pulses cause the muscles to release chemicals to break down fat cells around it, resulting in a deep remodelling of its inner structure, thus achieving the effect of fat burn and muscle building. “

Q. How do treatments at Privé Clinic compare with Liposuction and other slimming treatments widely used in the market?

Dr. Soh: “Liposuction and other slimming treatments can sometimes involve invasive procedures with a fair bit of downtime, and this can be rather inconvenient for people who lead busy, on-the go lives. Research has also shown that the effects of such treatments may not be long-lasting weight loss solutions as the muscles are typically regained and redistributed to other areas after a year.

We recognise this, and are always looking to advance our technology. At Privé, we use scientifically advanced body contouring treatments which see longer-lasting effects and ensures maximum comfort for our clients. Many of our body contouring treatments that we choose to provide, such as the Emsculpt treatment are non-invasive, so clients can be rest assured that there are no needles involved, with no superficial skin damage – another piece of good news! This also means that most of these treatments will be virtually pain-free, which could potentially be of concern for any first-timers who are keen to have their hand at body contouring treatments. Furthermore, due to their non-invasive nature, most of our bodyworks treatments require little to no downtime – so clients can just go about their daily activities as per usual.

Personally, I’ve undergone some of these treatments like Emsculpt to burn fat and build muscles, as well as Coolsculpt, to freeze fats on specific parts of the body. In all honesty, I headed straight back to my busy life right after!”


Q. How do you determine which treatment is suitable for whom? Are there age or health restrictions on who can opt for the treatment?

Dr. Soh: “When clients first arrive, a scheduled consultation will take them through essential information such as basic dietary and a body assessment for us to better understand and recommend a treatment tailored to their needs. This highly accurate and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation has proven a high rate of success for our clients. As for restrictions – generally, it depends on the kinds of treatments that individuals are interested in and is very much based on one’s lifestyle and body type.

For Endomorph Body Type, they tend to store more fat around their midsection. Using Coolsculpting, to freeze the fat which passes out from the body naturally combined with radiofrequency methods such as Vanquish, Thermage and Exillis Elite to destroy fat cells and tighten loose skin. While Ectomorph body types, who has difficulty building muscle will benefit from Emsculpt.”

Q. Why do people need slimming treatments? Are diet and exercise not enough?

Dr. Soh: “I’m always an advocate for a wholesome diet made up of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. Besides this, regular exercise definitely plays a part in one’s slimming journey.

However, most of my clients who come to me typically are concerned with stubborn fats which won’t go away despite maintaining a relatively good balance of eating well and exercising – which is where our treatments come in handy.

Many a times we are not able to shed excess fats and cellulite simply due to genetic makeup. We were born with a fixed number of fat cells in our body, and while they can be shrunk through exercise and diet, they cannot be physically destroyed. Our treatments specifically target these excess fats and cellulite by destroying such fat cells.”

A Bodyworks Treatment Room at Prive Clinic

Q. What treatment would you recommend to women who have recently given birth and want to get rid of excess fat/ saggy skin?

Dr. Soh: “As a mother of four myself, I genuinely understand how pregnancy and motherhood can exert a significant physical toll on women.

That said, I’d first and foremost recommend a healthy diet consisting of whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Besides this, it’s equally important to practise mindful eating and portion control when it comes to processed, refined and sugary foods.

To further help new mothers shape up and regain their confidence, Privé also offers a range of non-invasive treatments such as fat freezing, skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatments using radiofrequency (RF) and high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) or a combination of both.”

Q. Do these treatments carry side-effects and /or risks of burn/injury? How do you ensure the safety of customers?

Dr. Soh: “Side effects and risks vary from treatment to treatment and from one individual to another. This is why a consultation is scheduled in before a client undergoes any form of treatment.

At Privé, we take utmost care in ensuring that our treatments are safe so our clients can have a worry-free experience. Equipped with only the best clinically-proven machines with advanced technology and using only medical-grade products, our medi-aesthetics experts and doctors take extra care in designing safe treatments. Our team of experts comprises of professionals with long-standing credentials, and most importantly a sincere dedication towards our clients. Taken together, what we aim for is quality assurance when our clients visit our clinic.”