Dispelling fears, Encouraging Dialogue with Storytelling

The crisis of COVID-19 that has engulfed adult lives for the past few weeks has disturbed and confused children too. As children hear parents and teachers repeatedly stress on the need to maintain personal hygiene and discuss details of new cases, they might be bothered by many questions and fears about the situation. It is the responsibility of us adults to qualm their fears and dispel their doubts by educating them in the best way possible.

Children’s natural curiosity is an opportunity- a window for parents and grandparents to teach and guide the children and help navigate this crisis together, so that fear is replaced with information, understanding and preventive action.

An informative book on COVID-19 published by EtonHouse Community Fund has created this opportunity for dialogue between children and caregivers through the medium of storytelling. Aptly named, A New Virus has arrived, the bilingual, illustrated book explains to children what the virus is, how it can affect us and how we can protect ourselves from it.

The book has been written and illustrated by Amanda Cho. It is available both in physical copy and electronically and can be downloaded here.

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