Keep Loved Ones Safe with Arlo Ultra Smart Wireless Camera!

As parents, we are constantly worried if our children back home are safe and well. The compulsion to monitor them stresses us out and impedes our work productivity. We are tempted to constantly call helpers or other caregivers looking after them at home to check on them. Additionally, when we travel we want to keep a check on our house to ensure the safety of our home and belongings.

With the launch of Arlo Utra Camera in Singapore – the #1 internet connected camera in US from Arlo Technologies Inc; parents can take a breather and enjoy peace of mind. The Arlo Ultra Camera allows parents to monitor their homes and business real time. Powered by AI and cutting -edge technology, the Arlo Ultra Camera is a great buy as an intelligent security camera.

10 Features of Arlo Ultra wireless Camera System that make it a Smart Buy for Your Home:

  • An advanced 4K HDR video quality – Thanks to an advanced image sensor and HDR processing, the Arlo Ultra offers users enhanced clarity with video output upto 4k resolution. This allows identifying of the smallest details while monitoring live or watching recorded footage.
  • Color night vision- While most conventional cameras only offer a black and white imagery; the Arlo Ultra camera allows users to see colored images in the dark, thanks to a powerful LED integrated spotlight.
  • A wire-free setup – Wire-free Arlo Ultra cameras can conveniently be installed anywhere outdoors or indoors. Aided by a magnetic mount, Arlo Ultra cameras can be mounted to ceilings, walls or positioned on tables or other surfaces. The Arlo Ultra comes with superior long-range wireless coverage.
  • A 180-degree diagonal field-of-view – The expansive 180-degree diagonal field of view offered by Arlo Ultra cameras allow one of the widest viewing angles in the wire-free security camera industry.
  • A crystal-clear two-way audio – Equipped with dual-microphones that deliver two-way audio with advanced noise cancellation that minimizes background noises while accentuating foreground sounds- giving unparalleled audio quality.
  • Built-in -siren- For aded protection, Arlo Ultra also features a built-in siren that can be automatically triggered by motion, audio detection, or manually activated remotely using the Arlo app.
  • Weather resistant design- The Arlo Ultra camera systems have been designed to withstand heat and rain, making it an all-weather design, ideal for outdoor use.
  • Battery Life- The Arlo Ultra comes with extended battery life, a newly designed rechargeable battery and magnetic charging cable.
  • Arlo App- Can be easily controlled via the Arlo app, which can be downloaded on your smart phone or other smart gadgets.
  • Arlo Smart Premier- Arlo’s AI and computer vision powered service that records and delivers 30-day rolling storage of cloud recordings. It also comes with advanced features such as personalized detection of people, vehicles, packages and more, allowing the customer to capture and view historical data. Users will be able to receive customized, real-time notifications on their smart phone when motion or audio are detected by the Arlo Ultra camera.

“As the most advanced DIY monitoring solution we’ve ever launched, Arlo Ultra raises the bar for smart home surveillance and marks a massive leap forward in surveillance for the do-it-yourself smart home security market,” said Brad Little, Vice President and Managing Director, Arlo Technologies, APAC.

The Arlo Ultra Camera with accessories

Engineered to service and protect smart homes, the Arlo Ultra camera is easily compatible with other smart gadgets in the house, creating a secure eco-system for you.

The flagship Arlo Ultra camera system is available across Singapore with retailers such as Harvey Norman and Challenger. The 2-camera system is priced upwards of $1,199 and also includes a complimentary one year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier.

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