Smart Kidz Club: Smart E-Learning Tool for Smart Readers!

By Puja Chandra Nanda

Smart Kidz Club App- New Online Educational Tool for Children

Smart Kidz Club is a subscription based app created with the aim of developing a love for reading and strong literacy skills in young children. Acknowledging the fact that children spend a lot of time on digital gadgets- tablets and smart phones , Smart Kidz Club provides children with a friendly e- platform to read, discover the world and in turn improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

To make things easier for parents, Smart Kidz Club offers the educational tool anytime, anywhere online or on mobile devices. So children can learn on the go. Founded in 2013, the curated digital library by US based digital publishers is especially meant for children between the ages of 2 to 11 years. Smart Kidz Club is widely popular with digital subscribers spanning 65 countries worldwide.

Why is Smart Kidz Club A Smart Choice for Parents, Teachers and Children?

  • Massive original content base that is thoughtfully curated and regularly updated with new content. There is an extensive collection of 1000 plus unique knowledge-based eBooks with fresh content added every month.
  • Exclusive illustrated e-books covering a plethora of subjects. Smart Kidz Club offers over 40 subject categories with 85% of content being knowledge-based and including interactive resources, learning activities and comprehension quizzes. The research based content is considered “just right” for young readers.
  • Accessibility of the app on multiple platforms including android, apple, google play, amazon and the web.
  • Is suitable for all levels of readers: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Also caters to children with special needs or children with learning disabilities. The feature of word highlighting helps weak readers identify words and learn their pronunciation.
  • Reading material can be searched and filtered in several ways- by age, by reading level, by grade, by subject, by category and simply by alphabetical order.
  • Readers can choose whether they want to be read to (audio book) or read on their own. Smart Kidz Club boasts of being the only platform that contains human-based read-aloud technology with word highlighting.
  • Is easily navigable by parents and children alike. The app/ portal allows login as a parent, teacher or child. After that the reader can access the reading material at the click of a button or search for desired resources using the search tab.
  • There are no advertisements, game inserts, videos or fine print to circumvent to access the resources, so children can read without disruption.
  • The educational tool can be used by teachers, institutions and schools as it allows them to use the knowledge based e-books to reinforce subjects or recommend books to read to children. Parents and teachers can track the child’s reading progress on a continual basis. Teachers can also share tips and insights and create assignments based on the books – all within the app.

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Author’s Review of Smart Kidz Club:

I found the Smart Kidz Club app easy to download, access and navigate. We have Smart Kidz Club downloaded on multiple devices that can be used at home and outside to enhance accessibility. I found the content comprehensive, well researched and well curated with a good ratio of smart words. When used regularly, the app will definitely enhance both knowledge and vocabulary besides of course motivating young children to read more.

I created a login for my son aged 7 and gave him an initial virtual tour of the site. After that he has managed pretty well on his own. He looks for books appropriate for his age and searches subjects that interest him to create his personalized list under “My resources.” I see him switching from “Read by Myself” to “Read to Me” with ease as well. He has told me that he likes to read books on his own but sometimes when he feels lazy, he likes to be read to enjoying the pleasant but expressive voice-over! As he is a Science buff, he particularly likes the series “Weirdest Animals” and books that explain concepts of Light, Sound and Magnetism in a simplified manner, to name a few.

I am looking forward to accessing Smart Kidz Club during our vacation next month so he has plenty of reading materials to keep him occupied while enhancing his knowledge and vocabulary.

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