Bond with Family over Meals! [Danielle's Kitchen Essentials & Family-Friendly Recipes]

Last week Parents World was invited to the launch of Danielle’s (Danielle Peita Graham) Kitchen Essentials at the ToTT store. The friendly, cosy event also saw model and actress turned home cook and author Danielle Peita Graham whipping up one of her recipes: Corn Fritters, a staple at her home on meatless Mondays.

Danielle of mixed Irish and Chinese descent, enjoys cooking for the family, especially for her two kids Ben and Sophia and infuses her recipes with the flavor of the East and the West. Danielle is also the author of cookbook, On The Table At Home. Not only is the cookbook full of recipes to make your family dinners a breeze, they also include stories and precious pictures of Danielle’s childhood- that she mentions -revolved around cooking and eating good food, at the table at home.

On the Table At Home contains a range of kid friendly recipes including those of comforting soups, nutritious salads, vegetarian and meat based curries and roasts and rice and noodles. On the Table At Home is available in stores in Hong Kong and Malaysia. You can also order your copy at

At the event, Danielle gave a demo of one of the recipes from her book, namely Corn Fritters with Avocado Salsa. Danielle mentioned that their family follows Meatless Mondays and one of her favorite dishes for the day are Corn Fritters with Avocado Salsa which she also packs in her kids’ lunch boxes. The dish made of corn kernels mixed with eggs, cheese and flour can be whipped up in under 30 minutes from scratch and is a sure hit with the children. Along with a generous serving of avocado salsa, the dish makes a scrumptious, healthy meal.

Danielle has come up with a range of beautifully designed cookware and the event saw the official launch of her Kitchen Essentials at the ToTT Store. These include casseroles, pots and pans with non-stick ceramic coating. Also, included in her kitchen essentials are chopping boards, knives, kitchen shears, ladles, turners and spoons, which will lend style and elegance to any kitchen. To add on are accessories such as kitchen aprons for adults and children.

At the event, Danielle also unveiled a 5″ kid-friendly knife. The kid-friendly knife has a blunt, rounded edge for young chefs to use safely in the kitchen. The knife can help parents introduce the therapeutic joy of chopping and of preparing ingredients from scratch for a family meal to children. The knife is also sold as part of the family bundle that comprises of a 7″Santoku knife, a 5″kids knife, an 8″kitchen shears, an adult kitchen apron and a kids apron, perfect for bonding over meal preparations at home!

The utensils are available at the ToTT store and can also be ordered online. The whole list of kitchen essentials can be found here

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