Nursery Rhyme for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Breast Cancer: Not Just a Women’s Issue

October is observed world-over as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). Numerous programs, campaigns and events aimed at highlighting the importance of breast cancer were organized island wide during the BCAM. One flagship event held every year is the Pink Ribbon Walk to support the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness. 

This year, the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) unveiled a unique breast self-examination campaign called “Molly Monkey Sings and Saves“at the Pink Ribbon Walk. The campaign makes use of a nursery rhyme to drive home the importance of regular breast self-examination and for women to make it a lifelong habit!

The campaign aims to rally children to spread this message each time they watch or hear the nursery rhyme to their mums, aunts and other caregivers. At the same time, the nursery rhyme would serve as a reminder to the women to self -examine themselves, whenever they watch it along with their kids.

Acknowledging that women tend to treat Breast Cancer, as an “Only Women’s” issue, and thus neglect its importance, BCF strives to rope in the support of the entire family towards creating awareness through this nursery rhyme driven campaign.

Noor Quek, BCF President elaborated, “As women, we tend to put the needs of others above ours. Through the nursery reminder campaign and our other initiatives this year, we hope to drive home the message that in order to take care of your children and your loved ones, it’s important for you to take care of yourself and your health first.”

The campaign was developed by BCF and creative agency DDB Group Singapore and Bridgestone Asia Pacific in response to the findings by BCF that despite understanding the importance of regular breast checks, only 45% of women surveyed perform breast checks regularly.

Molly Monkey Sings and Saves Lives:

The reinvented nursery rhyme”Molly Monkey Sings and Saves” is aimed at spreading this life saving message to women, reinforcing how regular checks can lead to early detection of cancer which in turn can save lives. The lyrics in a very simplistic form also present a step-by-step, easy-to-remember guide on how to conduct a breast self examination. Molly Sings and Saves” is sung to the familiar tune of “Wheels on the Bus” and contains phrases like “up and down” and “round and round” which effectively demonstrate the steps of a breast self-examination.

BCF General Manager David Fong says, ‘Molly Monkey Sings and Saves’ is not just a fun nursery rhyme. It’s essentially a mnemonic that could save your life. Each time you hear the tune, we want it to remind you to do your self-examination.”

Meet Molly, the sweet and bubbly the monkey that sings and saves lives in the adorable video here!


Molly Monkey Sings and Saves : Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by BCF

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