Ahead of Change! Trehaus at City Hall

Trehaus -the Childcare and Preschool

Trehaus – the Village every child needs

Hasn’t every parent – who had to leave a child crying in the childcare before leaving for work, returning only to find him already asleep – wished that a better solution existed? Hasn’t every parent who has struggled to work from home with a child demanding attention every few minutes, yearned for a better solution? With the newly opened Trehaus at City Hall, parents can find the perfect solution for their work-childcare needs!

Trehaus at City Hall is a Silicon Valley styled preschool and childcare located in the newly refurbished Funan Mall at City Hall. Spread over a large 12000 sq feet space, the school offers a fully-equipped integrated workspace for the parents so the parents can work while the children are always within their arms reach!

Trehaus- the Childcare and Preschool

In line with its philosophy and mission to stay ‘Ahead of Change’, Trehaus walks the talk on work-life balance! The futuristic arrangement offered by Trehaus ensures that the parents are present in their child’s life, meeting them every now and then and catching all those unforgettable milestones of their child’s life; not possible in a traditional work -child care arrangement. At Trehaus families come together to learn, play and work with their integrated co-lifestyle space for working parents.

As Dr. Elaine Kim, CEO & Co-Founder, Trehaus mentioned in her speech that it as it is often said that it takes a village to bring up a child – Trehaus is the modern village which is doing just that! The children are brought up in a safe and secure environment with the assurance that their parents are nearby. At the same time parents can be more productive in their work, knowing that their children are being well looked after by the experienced and dedicated teachers and staff of Trehaus.

Trehaus – The School

Trehaus is a registered childcare center and preschool and accepts children from the age of 2 months. The Preschool run under its proprietary curriculum, The Little’s Programme Curriculum marries the best of the 5 widely researched pedogogies of

  • Reggio Emilia
  • • Montessori
  • • Ecological Systems Theory
  • • Somatics
  • •Respectful Caregiving

All programs at Trehaus are offered in a bilingual environment and present an unmatched 1:5 teacher student ratio. The holistic framework at Trehaus is aimed at developing both core skills and soft skills of the children through project based learning, such as Little CEO, Little Entrepreneur, Little Engineer, Little Philanthropist, Little Creative and Little Chef.

Trehaus programs are supported ably by its partners – leading enrichment centers in arts, robotics and more. Some of the partners include:

  • First Kick Academy – soccer
  • Tynker- Coding
  • The Lab-Coding
  • iVinci Kids-Coding
  • Artylicious Singapoore- Art
  • Artsy Bugs Studio- Art

Trehaus has a fully equipped Trehaus Business Club  for parents to work and hold meetings. The Trehaus Family club is an area where parents and children can mingle, enjoy and grow as as family, under one roof.

Trehaus Business Club

Dr. Elaine Kim, CEO and Co-Founder of Trehaus said, “My co-founders and I believe passionately that early education needs to change to prepare our children for the future, to nurture the things that really matter – like creativity, grit, empathy, kindness, adaptability, curiosity, teamwork and good communication skills. We started Trehaus School to raise the next generation of changemakers.”

Co-founders Dr.Elaine Kim, Elizabeth Wu and Tjin Lee with Minister Jospehine Teo (2nd from left)

Grand Opening of Trehaus

The official Grand Opening of Trehaus at City Hall happened on 18th October. Minister Josephine Teo graced the momentous occasion. The minister toured the premises and interacted with the children and teachers.

Minister Josephine Teo with Trehaus students and teachers
  • Key highlights of Minister Josephine Teo’s Press Statement have been reproduced here:
  • The preschool landscape in Singapore has blossomed. There is room for different types of players and diversity to meet different needs.
  • The Government will continue to grow the share of government-supported preschools over the next few years to improve access to quality and affordable preschools
  • At the same time, there is still room for different types of players such as private operators to provide diversity to meet different needs. This offers more choices for working parents.
  • In particular, the number of childcare centres near workplaces have grown over the years. If we compare to about ten years ago, the number of childcare centres that are located near workplaces has more than doubled. Today, there are about 500 of such centres, and they make up about a third of all childcare centres. This makes it easier for parents who can drop of their kids at centres near their workplaces.
  • As we continue to expand this diversity, we will also encourage more innovation, both amongst the private operators, and the operators operating within the government-supported space.

Trehaus has opened its doors for admissions in September 2019. For more information, visit https://trehaus.co/ .