Deepavali Gifting Goes Digital with DBS QR Gift!

DBS Bank, Singapore’s leading bank has introduced a novel way of gifting loved ones on Deepavali this year! The initiative which was ushered in on 1st October and is available for customers till November, 14th, offers a digital option to gifting. – the world’s first loadable QR solution – were also distributed

Uniquely designed DBS QR Gift cards that reflect the festive spirit of Deepavali have been made available at DBS/POSB branches across Singapore, subject to availability. This festive card follows the successful distribution of the Festive DBS QR Gift cards to customers in Singapore during Hari Raya and Chinese New Year earlier this year.

DBS QR Gift can be collected at all DBS/POSB branches island-wide

Said Jeremy Soo, Managing Director and Head of Consumer Banking Group (Singapore), DBS Bank, “Deepavali is a deeply meaningful festival which unites all Hindus in celebration of important values. It’s also a joyous time when people from all walks of life can experience the splendour and richness of Hindu culture. In the spirit of celebrating Deepavali, we are distributing a festive edition of DBS QR Gift so customers can enjoy the benefits of going digital, even as they retain the familiar tradition of gifting and exchanging Deepavali packets among families and loved ones.”

How DBS QR Gift works

Using DBS PayLah!, customers simply need to scan a unique QR code on a DBS QR Gift card to ‘load’ a cash value of up to SGD 999. They may then present the DBS QR Gift card to their family and friends, who can scan the same QR code with their own DBS PayLah! app to receive the loaded amount. Givers may start loading their desired cash values onto the DBS QR Gift cards from 1 October 2019 to 14 November 2019. Receivers will need to scan the QR code with their DBS PayLah! app before 15 November 2019 to receive their funds, or it will be credited back to the giver.

Watch this short video on how the DBS QR Gift works.

DBS and POSB Deepavali Packets

Customers making cash withdrawals at all DBS/POSB branches will receive two sets of DBS or POSB Deepavali packets.

Celebrate Deepavali with DBS/POSB Deepavali packets (can be up-cycled) featuring Singapore’s beloved mascots Xing, Jaan, and Smiley.

This year’s DBS Deepavali packets feature a lush backdrop of nature elements, with DBS’ iconic Girl and Boy, Xing and Jaan, carrying traditional musical instruments, and a lamp and lantern, to commemorate traditional Deepavali celebrations. POSB Deepavali packets feature Singapore’s beloved Smiley bearing a colourful oil lamp, against a vibrant and intricate backdrop.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly, the DBS and POSB Deepavali packets can be upcyled into paper lantern decorations and more, with the motto of “Live more, Waste less”.

Grand prize of SGD 8,888 in DBS QR Gift Contest

Not only that, those who successfully send or redeem a DBS QR Gift are also eligible to participate in the DBS QR Gift Contest.

  • 1 October to 2 November 2019: The person with the highest cumulative number of qualifying DBS QR Gift transactions1 stands to win the grand prize of SGD 8,888.
  • 27 October to 2 November 2019: During this period, three people who make a qualifying transaction on each day stand to win a daily prize of SGD 188 each.

To find out more about the DBS QR Gift Contest and DBS QR Gift, please visit:

A qualifying transaction is defined as a successful DBS QR Gift transaction between a unique giver-receiver pair; multiple transactions between the same giver-receiver pair are counted as one transaction.

Information and images attributed to DBS Bank, full text of the media release can be accessed here.