"Out-of-Classroom Learning" in the September School Break

By Puja Chandra Nanda

Who said learning could not be fun? With a plethora of educational activities around the island, learning can be fun for your child during this September break. These are some of the exciting activities you could explore with your family:

Coding classes by Lenovo Singapore:

Lenovo Singapore in partnership with edutainment giant Kidzania Singapore is running an interactive coding workshop for kids aged 5 to 8 from August 26 to September 15.

Combining role play and digital literacy, the innovative holiday program promises to equip young minds with technology skills. Besides Empire Code’s interactive coding workshop which calls for parent-child participation; there are role –play activities and showcases as part of an immersive out of the classroom learning experience.

The coding workshop is in consonance with Singapore’s thrust to foster computational thinking skills from young. One of the interesting workshops planned is “Join the CIA (Children’s Intelligence Agency)”, where participants will assume the role of a cybersecurity agent and combat hacking crime through coding.

The workshop is being hosted at the 81,000 square feet indoor City of Kidzania Singapore which is a market leader in creating kid-centric spaces that allow children to role-play and explore adult occupations in a fun way.

To join the program, please visit: https://kidzania.com.sg/event/kidz-innovation-holiday-programme/

Early Childhood Conference 2019 at Suntec

Early Childhood Conference 2019

The Early Childhood Conference 2019 has been organized by The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) – an autonomous agency jointly overseen by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and is the regulatory and developmental authority for the early childhood sector in Singapore.

The 2 day conference (on 13th & 14th September, 2019) being held in the Suntec Singapore Convention Exhibition Center is themed, “Beyond the Classroom: Take Learning Outdoors”. Its primary focus is to take learning beyond the classrooms to the great outdoors where children can pick up educational skills and hone their holistic development. The workshop emphasizes to parents that mathematical and scientific concepts, critical thinking & problem solving can all be developed in the outdoors, not necessarily in the classrooms.

Some of the exhibitors at the Conference include: National Parks Board, Gardens by the Bay, Health Promotion Board, Kidzania Singapore, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, and Sentosa, Esplanade and National Library Board and more.

Children can explore the bio-diversity in Singapore and have close encounters with animals and insects. They can also experience play in a biophilic play garden made out of natural materials. Children can also look forward to meeting their favourite characters at the Meet & Greet sessions with Kidzania’s RightZKeeper, Singa, Beary Bear and more. With stage performances and programs by preschools and community partners, meet and greet sessions and exhibits, the Early Childhood Conference 2019 promises to be educational and fun! Sign up at www.eccexhibition2019.sg. Admission is free.

Art Science Museum unveils City in a Garden at Future World:

Sketch Town

The Art Science Museum is introducing a new themed gallery with new
Artworks by teamLab called “City in a Garden”, as well as bringing back popular art installations at Future World: Where Art. City in a Garden explores how people and nature are intertwined and interdependent and how cities provide a space for a variety of biospheres

The refreshed exhibition has four galleries – City in a Garden, Sanctuary, Park and Space. It also features the brand new artwork, Inverted Globe, Giant Connecting Block Town, and a dramatic new presentation of one of teamLab’s best known artworks, Sketch Aquarium. Elsewhere in Future World, visitors can also look forward to the return of Story of
The Time when Gods were Everywhere
in the Park gallery.

The exhibit City in a Garden, is a tribute to Singapore’s status as a Garden City with its clean environment and abundance of greenery. It takes visitors on a journey through landscapes that are lush and green but those which are also representative of Singapore’s urban living. It shows that man and nature can co-exist in harmony and are vital to each other’s growth story.

With its immersive and interactive experience, City in a Garden at Future World can be a great learning experience for children. The installation, Sketch Aquarium is a favorite with children as it features a digitally rendered aquatic world where two-dimensional sea creatures (drawn by visitors) come to life in a virtual ocean. Visitors can also simulate feeding the fish and sea creatures by touching specific images of fish food bags on
the screen.

Tickets to Future World are available for purchase now from at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and website. For more information, please visit www.marinabaysands.com/museum.html

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