Family Friendly Experiences in Japan – Travel Ideas for September School Break

Tokyo, the buzzing capital city of Japan is a popular holiday destination for Singaporeans. According to a survey done by Tripadvisor in June 2019, Tokyo consistently figures as one of the most-searched-for destinations for Singapore travelers from 2017 to 2019. As per the survey, 80% of the respondents had visited Japan at least once with a large number having visited Japan several times.

With September school break approaching and Christmas break not so far away, TripAdvisor has come up with family friendly experiences in Japan – both in Tokyo & beyond that you can hit up on your travel itinerary. Here we give you a brief summary on what each tour offers to you so you can choose the perfect holiday for your family!

In Tokyo:

Make Your Sushi & Eat it Too!
  • The Yakana Walking Tour – Take a 3.5 hour walking tour of Yakana, an ancient Japanese town near Tokyo, which is reminiscent of the Edo period of the 16th & 19th centuries. Yakana was a place of worship, famous for its temples and local cemeteries called ‘reien.’At the end of the tour, you can head out to the historic town of Shitamachi for shopping and food.
  • Electric-Powered Biking Tour– If you are traveling with older kids, and then this tour is for your family. You can explore neighborhoods such as Ginza, Akihabara, Asakusa and the sprawling Imperial Palace on electric bikes. A professional guide rides along with you to ensure you experience the local flavors of the place.
  • Sushi Lessons, Sake and Special Access at Toyosu Fish Market– Vacations are incomplete without a taste of the local cuisine. On this tour you not only get to taste the Japanese favorite- sushi but you also learn how to prepare it, right from picking up fresh ingredients from the Toyosu Fish Market to learning how to prepare and fillet fish for sushi at the Suhi Mafia Lab- all under the expert eye of a sushi master. Travelers also get to enjoy a wide selection of sake (Japanese rice wine) along with the sushi.
  • Fight Sumo Wrestlers and Savor Authentic Sumo Food –This exclusive tour allows you to get into the ring with real sumo wrestlers for a once –in-a lifetime experience. You can wear the sumo costume and learn wrestling techniques to use during a public face-off with the real sumo giants. You also get to savor the authentic sumo food chanko nabe, – a rich calorific Japanese hot pot prepared by former sumo wrestlers.
  • Ninja experience– Learn the ancient Japanese art of ninjutsu from an actual Ninja warrior in this tour. You can don the authentic ninja gi uniform, receive hand-on training from the ninja master and learn how to use weapons such as the blowgun and shruiken (ninja star).
Face-off with Real Sumo Wrestlers

Beyond Tokyo:

  • Ultimate Samurai Experience in Kyoto– Get the ultimate Samurai experience in this 2 hour tour, try out the ancient Japanese sword- the katana, learn about the Samurai culture and finally learn the Zen way of meditation using singing bowls.
  • Nishiki Market and Gion Cultural Walking Food Tour in Kyoto – In this guided tour, you can start your food adventures at Kyoto’s Kitchen – the 400 m long Nishiki Market. Learn about the food and culture of the place while savoring Tofu Skin, rice ball, fried fish cakes, Japanese pike conger eel, omelet and Sake. Visit the Nishiki Shrine, dedicated to the God of Education followed by a walk along the famous Pontocho Geisha Alley, where shops and eateries have stood the test of time. Gion in Kyoto is famous for its ancient Geisha culture and if you are lucky, you might just see an actual Geisha.
  • Close Encounters with Snow Monkeys and Visit to the Zenko-ji Temple in Nagano –In this full day tour, visit Zenko-ji, one of the oldest revered Buddhist temples in Japan. Then head to the Snow Monkey Park for close encounters with the world-famous snow monkeys to catch them bathing in the many hot springs, that dot picturesque Nagano.

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