Menya Masamune: Award-winning Ramen & Artisan Appetizers

If you visit Tanjong Pagar stretch, you will be spoiled for choices by the number of Japanese restaurants on that street. But if you are craving authentic Japanese Ramen, we recommend Menya Masamune. The award-winning Masamune Ramen ($19.90) is a MUST TRY on the foodie’s list. This signature dish is served with freshly grilled seasoned charsiew (BBQ pork), seasoned Japanese egg and vegetables.
According to the owner, Michelle Lim, this is the only restaurant in Singapore that serves charsiew that is marinated and freshly grilled before it is served to the diners. The soup is also refreshingly light and healthy tasting. It definitely lives up to its title as the champion ramen in Singapore, Taiwan, Vladivostok and New York.

New Appetizers on the menu

Chef Louis Yeong is a young chef who specializes in artisan art when he serves up his Japanese appetizers. Take a look at some of his specialty creations below:
Uni Oosen is a delicate cold dish that is cooked just right to create a smooth texture physically and palatably. It is artfully displayed and served with sea urchin and carviar, doused with pretty leaves and petals.

Maguro (tuna) Tartar is coated with Tare jelly with light olive oil and coated with uni and caviar. To fully taste the texture of this dish, mix it up and allow the refreshing blend of smooth tuna with crunchiness of the caviar create a symphony of taste in your mouth.

Salmon Tartar is served in a fresh, crisp cone. It’s like eating an unusual ice-cream and discovering the layers within. Topped with a rich layer of fresh bite-sized salmon pieces, you are introduced to a second layer filled with ikura before the final discovery of cream sauce towards the end of the cone. This dish is an adventure in itself, served in a beautiful bowl of colored beans.

We very much recommend the Fresh Oyster with Vinegar Jelly ($8.50). This Japanese oyster is so smooth, it literally melts in your mouth.


Happy Bites Paired With Smooth Sake

One of their most popular drink is High Ball, a premium Kaku whisky served with soda and lemon. Sake is a given order of the day when you dine at a Japanese restaurant. At Menya Masamune, they serve you only a selection of the best sake. Try their best-seller and a really smooth aftertaste, Kiku Masamune <Kimoto> Junmai Dai Ginjyo. If you don’t like it dry, try Momkawa Junmai for a complex and fruity tones.

Pair your drinks with these delightful snacks.  Wagyu Beef (from $25) is imported from Japan. It is seasoned to perfection and tender to the bite. Eat it on its own, or dip it in wasabi soy sauce or a special sauce concocted by the chef. This side dish is a  delight to the mouth.

Cheese Tofu ($12) is a trending dish in many restaurants. But this is the first time I tasted Cheese Tofu with such originality. Made with cream cheese and tofu, topped with honey, this dish is a cool palate-pleaser.

Menya Masamune is open daily at 1130am to 3pm (lunch) and 5:30pm to 2am (dinner). Happy hours are from 5:30pm to 8pm. with special drink prices and finger foods.
84/86 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088507
Call this number for reservations: 6909 6349