CNY 2019: Year of the Pig

2019 Chinese New Year (CNY) arrives on 5 February. This CNY ushers in the year of the Pig, the twelfth of all zodiac animals. The pigs are considered to be symbols of wealth in the Chinese culture.
According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Pig 2019 is a year of fortune and luck. This is the year to make money and a good year to invest. 2019 also promises to be a great year to make friends and foster love and relationships.

The Pig Year 2019 is a Yin Earth year. Hence, you can expect mixed energies in all aspects of your life. This is a year where you will sort through the wheat from the chaff. Expect to lose some friends, work relations and other connections during the sorting period. But all is good as you can expect better opportunities, friendships and experiences in the long run.
Those who have elements of wood and and water in their Chinese astrology are more vulnerable than others although there are many cures you can put in place to help ensure an auspicious 2019 year of the Pig. (source)

Auspicious Dates To End & Start Work in Lunar Year 2019

Dates to Cease Work

Gregorian Date Day Clashing Zodiac To Avoid
1 February 2019 Friday Pig
2 February 2019 Saturday Rat
4 February 2019 Monday Tiger

Dates to Commerce Work

Gregorian Date Day Clashing Zodiac To Avoid
6 February 2019 Wednesday Dragon
7 February 2019 Thursday Snake
8 February 2019 Friday Horse
14 February 2019 Thursday Rat
18 February 2019 Friday Dragon

According to our source, start your work day on 8th February (Friday), 9:30am or 12th February (Tuesday), 9:30am.
AVOID starting work on 11th February (Monday) as it clashes with the Rooster.
Click on the link to find out in more details what 2019 Year of the Pig has in store for you.

Lucky Colors for 2019

In 2019, auspicious colors include warm, earthy shades of red, yellow, orange, pink as well as white, grey, blue and brown. Feng Shui experts, on the other hand recommend these colors to bring you more luck: vivid red, azure blue, white, and gold.
Wearing RED, which symbolizes the fire element, will also bode well for you during the Year of the Pig. Blue is another lucky color as it represents the Water element. Click on the source to find out the lucky colors for your zodiac sign.
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We checked out some Fengshui masters like Joey Yap‘s online videos or Adelina Pang‘s  Forecast & Fengshui Guide. Check it out for a more concise reading of what the Year of the Pig has in store for you.
In general, the Year of the Pig promises to be a more positive year than the Year of the Dog. If you want to maximize the potential for a smooth year, here are some things you can do to enhance one’s luck and combat any potential bad energy in important life matters such as marriage, moving house, travel or starting a new business.
● Practice kindness. Help those around you more and be involved in charity work
● Celebrate milestone events enthusiastically – marriages, birthdays, anniversaries and achievements
● Do your due diligence, minimize risk and always strategize exhaustively when choosing anything important
● Try to go with the flow and be more open to different ways of thought
● Self-help and self-improvement pursuits will serve you well this year
● Avoid negative thoughts and hateful speech
● Keep away from those who harbor toxic personalities, regardless of how close they are to  you
● Lift yourself emotionally and keep positive. Smile more.
Gongxi Facai!! Happy Chinese New Year!