Mom's Night Out: Check That Guilt At The Door

Moms don’t give themselves enough credit – or enough break for that matter. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom holding the fort, or a working mom pulling yourself in so many directions and trying to keep it together, you are doing more than enough and your kids love you regardless.

Despite your best effort, you still think you don’t deserve a break and a fun night out to be the person you were before you became a mom. Feeling guilty is normal and only natural for us moms, it’s what made us such selfless beings but sometimes, it’s what overworks us to the point of resentful exhaustion.

Stop beating yourself up for having even a fleeting thought of having a quiet ‘me’ time, a wild night out with your girlfriends or a sizzling date night with your partner. You are not abandoning your duties for selfish reasons. Your kids will turn out fine regardless the hours you spend with them or without them.

You need to step away to recharge, relax and be yourself once again to return home a more relaxed, spirited and fulfilled person. Honour your needs first and you will be the best wife, best mother, best daughter, and best friend. You have to come first, only then will everyone benefits – happier, relaxed moms are better than exhausted, tense and resentful moms.

Here are some ways you can check the guilt at the door as you sprint off to your quiet alone session, or a girls’ night out, or a date night:

Kids’ Fun Night

Forget the bedtime rules (unless it’s a school night), and your other endless list of rules. Let your partner or the babysitter make the night a special treat for the kids – movie night, pizza night, game night, the possibility is endless! It will help you relax knowing your kids are having fun and not guilt-tripping you for leaving them.


Date night with your spouse? Get someone that you trust to babysit the kids and update you occasionally or if necessary. Lay out your instructions clearly and leave a list of emergency numbers for the babysitter. It will help you relax and take your mind off being a parent, and being an attentive partner instead.

Get Things Sorted Before You Leave

You can’t help it, it’s in your mummy’s instinct to get things and the kids organized. Settle what needs to be sorted if it helps to relief your anxiety. But don’t get too carried away – save your energy for your night out!


Had the best night of your week having the time to yourself and for people other than your kids? Save that guilt trip and instead start planning a family night-in or even a staycation for the following weekend. Assure your kids that they are always a priority and you enjoy your time with them just as much.