Working your Workspace for WAHMs

Working from home is now more common than ever, especially so for mothers. With innovative technology that keeps us connected wherever we are, more and more moms are opting to work from home while they care for the kids and manage the household, true to their superhero nature.

While you may be working from the comfort of your home in your PJs, you should not compromise on a conducive working space to maximize your time and productivity. Here are some tips for how to get settled with a functional workspace in your own home.

Find your space

Not everyone has the luxury of having an extra room to set up shop in. If you don’t, you can simply stake claim on a corner of the living room or create a portable space in the dining room. Wherever you choose, it has to be clutter-free. A move-able workstation is a brilliant idea for small spaces as you can change places whenever you feel cornered.

Get organized

This is especially important if you don’t have an actual desk. You don’t want to shove piles of paper off the dining room table when it’s time for dinner, do you? Invest in a portable file cabinet that you can roll from one room to another. When the work day is done, roll it out of the way and never worry about losing anything important or risking grubby toddler hands all over your documents.

Make it pretty

Add personal touches in your workspace that inspires you to work. Perhaps your corner of the living room could do with a new piece of art on the wall, or your small desk can fit a few of your favorite family photos. Add some flair to it that makes it your space and a place you’ll want to be when you’re working. Don’t forget lighting too! A stylish desk lamp or floor lamp can really spruce things up if you can’t switch up your light fixtures.

Take in the view

If you always were relegated to cubicles during your office days, now’s the time for a promotion. Give yourself a view – a window really opens up possibilities for creativity and makes you feel less locked into the dark. A feature wall works great too!

Invest in a good chair

For a quick fix, you can use one of your dining room chairs, but don’t plan on making that a permanent solution for sitting at your work-from-home desk. It won’t give you the support you need and will leave you feeling sore. Instead, get an ergonomic chair that takes care of your back and neck.

Go green

Plants and flowers always add warmth to a space. Plus, they purify the air naturally and helps to eliminate the stale air from being cooped up at home the whole day.

Once you have everything in place in your new at-home work space, you’ll find getting the job done is easier, not to mention much more fun. Good luck to all the WAHMs out there!