6-Pack Bump?!

(In photo: Sarah Stage, 6-months pregnant with a 6-pack bump)

Let’s face it – we barely have the motivation to hit the gym in our usual, healthy and normal state, much less to do so when our body is working overtime to grow a baby inside.

Age-old beliefs had us believing that expecting mums should avoid physical activities and exercises for fear of harming the baby’s development. And a small tummy would more often than not garner worried comments for fear of the baby being squashed inside.

But our body is a wonderful, miraculous temple – and your baby is stronger than you give it credit for. Science has since supported the findings that working out during your pregnancy have proven to provide tremendous benefits both physically and mentally. The surge of endorphins from the workout does both you and your baby more good than harm – and a happy pregnancy is bound to ease you from all the woes and worries as a new mom.

If you have been working out pre-pregnancy, you are more than capable to continue your routine with some modifications to the regime or the intensity. If you haven’t trained prior to the pregnancy, then it is best to consult with your doctor before getting the green light to embark on a fitness programme. It is best to engage a qualified fitness trainer that can best guide you and plan your regime catered to your needs. The aim is ultimately to train gently while still benefitting from it safely.

Your workout doesn’t have to be exhausting to be effective. Even a prenatal Yoga or Pilates can be rejuvenating, or few laps in the pool will be invigorating as it takes the weight off you.

The rule of thumb: always listen to your body.

Some days, we can barely make it out of bed, never mind to hit the gym. Fitness fatigue during pregnancy hits even the best of us. And it’s no big deal. Take a break or a cheat day. Just take advantage of the energetic days and bounce back into your routine.

If you are strapped for time, build the workout into your daily schedule. Walk to the next bus-stop instead of heading to the nearest one. Park your car further away from the office and take that extra 5-10 minutes walk. The fresh air will give you the extra energy boost to keep your mood uplifted through the day.

Like any workout plan, the right diet is just as important. Plan your meals around healthy fats and proteins and opt for light, healthy snacks to keep your energy up. Always keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after your exercise.

While a “6-pack bump” may be the envy of many, women come in different shapes and sizes, and carry differently. So “normal” isn’t the same for every pregnant woman. Instead, focus on your overall health and wellness for both yourself and your baby.

Remember, happiness is a noticeable glow.

Keep a lookout for our upcoming Parents World Jan-Mar 2019 issue as we get up-close with DJ Jade Rasif, and her sister cum personal fitness trainer, Tyen Rasif, on her 6-pack bump at 7-months pregnant!
(Photo screenshot from Tyen Rasif’s YouTube)